A while back, @aparrish posted about the Smith and Wheatstone telegraph system, and my immediate response was to want to turn the code into knitted cables.

Here is my blog post about that. (It didn't really work, but it was fun to try.)

@gannet That's a really cool website. And now I've just discovered Stitch Maps. I see a rabbit hole disappearing somewhere above me...

Also, I know I've mentioned this before to some people, but I don't know if you're one of them: It occurs to me that knitting instructions are a form of programming language. It's very Logo-like, and I've actually written a set of Logo functions for drawing fields hexagons, that looks very similar (just with 'f' 'r' and 'l' instead of 'p' and 'k')...

@gannet Important addendum to all of this, though: I don't actually knit...

@not_on_pizza Thank you!

Oh, yes, there's been a lot of discussion in various places about knitting (and crochet and tatting, etc) patterns being programming languages, and the person following the pattern is compiling it. I remember feeling astonished when I first saw someone mention that. It's a great insight to have!

@gannet @aparrish that is neat! I am sorry it doesn't reliably work.

@Rowyn Eh, well, I'll get there. And I'm having fun along the way!

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