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Naomi ๐Ÿ“š @gannet

Welcome, new people!

Ways to find people to follow, aside from reading the local feed:

1. write an post, and hashtag the things you're interested in. You can't search by keywords, you can only search hashtags.

2. search for hashtags of things that interest you.

2a. your instance will only search hashtags on federated toots, so to find more, go to a large instance and search their hashtags. Edit this URL:

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@gannet Further, if you see an #introductions post, boosting it will help it spread to other corners of the fediverse, especially if they join a smaller instance! :D

Also helpful for new people:

What to CW? Spoilers (pls hashtag so ppl can find later), food (for ppl w/ eating disorders, or for vegans etc), NSFW, mental health, common phobias, body image/weight loss, bigotry, current events, commonly distressing topics. Speaking for myself, I want to read bad news, but I want to decide to do it and have a moment to prepare.

Random FAQs:

find (some of) your twitter friends with Mastodon Bridge:

Please be cautious about cross-posting from Twitter. I've been using Mastodon and Twitter both for more than 6 months now, and Mastodon is far less distressing to me. (Other ppl say the same.)

When people cross-post from Twitter without CWs (especially RTs), it starts making Mastodon feel like Twitter.

I don't crosspost, so I don't know what the considerations are, but if you could either crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter, or CW all your crossposts, it would be a huge help.

@gannet I don't talk about current events on Twitter; a surfeit of politics is one of the reasons to want to leave! (Not leaving completely because I'd be leaving behind real friends)

@irina exactly! But we're all variable, and I've seen some people come to Mastodon and start posting the same way they do on Twitter, out of habit. Cross-posting makes that even more likely, and it can cause friction.

Anyway, hello! It's good to have you here, where current events will mostly be behind CWs and you can ignore them if you please.

Tea? :teapot:

@gannet Yes, please! Milk and no sugar ๐Ÿ˜€

This morning when I signed up I still thought I was only allowed to post serious stuff here (apart from "hi, is this working?" of course) but I'm over that now.

(My eldest daughter has the same name as you! Threw me a little)


as you start following more people, you'll start seeing more and more memes and silliness. It's good fun. ๐Ÿ˜Š

It's funny how I've met more Naomis online as an adult than I ever met as a child.

@irina @gannet welcome to mastadon! I promise everyone hereโ€™s allowed to be exactly as silly as they like :))

@gannet This is exactly why I stopped crossposting cause my content on Twitter can be a lot different than what I post here

@msk exactly why I donโ€™t do it, though I donโ€™t mind if people do it with care.

@gannet yes, I find it much calmer here. I donโ€™t mind seeing some such things, but Iโ€™d rather not see RTs mostly

@gannet I wonder, can I post on here and have it cross post to Twitter so I can get the reach of Twitter with the uncensored benefits of Mastodon? Is there a client that can do that? thanks!

@MrTumnusInfosec I donโ€™t do crossposts myself, but I know there are at least two clients that will crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter.

Here's one, but I donโ€™t know how it works; I just know that someone I follow uses it:

@deavmi feel free. And I want CWs, so Iโ€™ll mute people who donโ€™t. Bye!

@gannet Yeah, it's irritating to see people cross posting from twitter into masto.

I just do a one-way from masto --> twitter, and have a pinned tweet saying,"This account is basically dead now"

@gannet Thanks for this. I tend to mute, block, or unfollow anybody who crossposts from Twitter and appears on my timeline. Because why would I want to see Twitter content, anyway? I don't.

@gannet I crosspost a lot but usually have those toots set to Unlisted so they don't show up in public timelines, unless I think they're specifically something the instance would want to see.

@gannet thanks a lot for this thread! as a newcomers it helps a lot, and explain some things that I was looking for.

@alois Iโ€™m glad it helped! โค๏ธ

@gannet Also worth noting that hashtags don't work in the CW, only in the body.