• make me a wizard
• give me a familiar
• give me a wand
• give me a book

@gannet You have a salvaged rowan wand. You have an antique treatise on occult history.

@Rowyn @aldersprig I had no notion! What could the wand makers have been thinking?

@gannet let's go cast some spells! what do you want to enchant first?

@gannet All right! Better get outside where you can point me at the moon. Ohh, and bring some tea! Then do some arcane gestures, right, you know the ones?

@Rowyn I hope I do. Depends on if I’ve had enough tea...

@gannet I'm sure it will be fine!

That's why you start with a sensible spell like "tea house made of moonlight" as opposed to impractical spells of dangerous things like "chains of lightning and fire" anyway.

So, right, put the tea down -there-, and then sweep me down from the moon -so-

*gathers up moonlight on wand tip, releases into teacup*

*tea rises from the cup to form a tiny house shape with a roof of moonlight*

@gannet Well. Um.

A house of tea and moonlight is CLOSE to a teahouse of moonlight, right?

@Rowyn that's just what I wanted. Now I think I’ll sit here, bask in the moonlight, and admire our work while drinking tea.

@gannet Yay!

*wand tip dips, basks in steam from house-made-of-tea*

I'll be right here the next time you need a spell!

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