Knitty has added a beta search page for their patterns! It has two categories: yarn weight and basic type of pattern, but that’s a big help right there.


@gannet isn't it great? Of course, it means now I have 20 more patterns on my tbd list that I'm already years behind on...

@gannet @fiberarts Ooh, the search has changed - it just used to be drop down menus. (And I couldn't get the choose by yarn weight menu to work before - it does now; at least on my laptop).It's so much nicer to use!

@fiberarts @Ebly The Knitty account on twitter announced the changes today, and I had good luck using it, so I figured I’d share!

Personally, I’d like some other details, but I’ve done enough database work to know how much labor it would be to go back and add things like yardage and sizes available and so on.

Even this is a huge help!

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