I think I can make every post after the first one in a thread unlisted so I don’t clutter up the local feed. Is that right?

@gannet that's the pattern i've adopted for a lot of things.

@gannet Yep. I really wish that was a default[able] setting.

@gannet oh, that's a great idea...I'm going to try that from now on

@gannet If your default visibility is set to unlisted, then it should always default to that unless you set it to public. So you'd have to set the first post to public, but each subsequent post should be unlisted if that's your default visibility. Otherwise you'd have to set the visibility on every post.

(Default post visibility should be in Preferences somewhere, can't remember exactly where.)

@dartigen thank you! I used mastodon quite a lot a while ago, but drifted away and forgot details like this.

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