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I've been around Mastodon for the eternity of the last seven months or so. 😉 But why not do another post anyway?

I'm a designer.
I also like , , and many kinds of -related things. (Check out !)

I like .

I'm prone to talking about . :teapot:

Finally, I'm a trained reference at large (not currently working as one), and have a question-answering reflex.

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Trying out size 40 thread, which is the finest I've ever used. So far, it makes my hands feel like I'm wearing oven mitts. Hoping to get nimble soon! (Quarter for scale) #crochet

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Political actions defending trans rights — fill me in! Show more

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uspol, rallies for trans rights infos Show more

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My view on voting Show more

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There were dents in the knight's armour.
"Shouldn't you get those hammered out?" the dragon asked.
"They do not hinder me," the knight said, "just remind me of other battles."
The dragon counted dents. "You won all those?"
"I lived through them all."
"Then I will not add more."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Does anyone use proton’s vpn?

I’ve never used anything like it before, and I’m wondering if it’s...good? I don’t even know what kinds of questions are the right ones to ask.

USpol, trans and enby rights (news -) Show more

Hello, shop, and the worlds where we wander!

It is so nice to have autumn weather for the foreseeable future. Don't really have a lot to say right now, really. But things are going well enough.

:teapot: ?

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# Cats Against #FiberArts

## What do you mean we weren't supposed to attack that string?

Humans are completely unreasonable. The string is so wiggly. Clearly we have to get it. What else could it be but prey?

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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I have not seen another human in weeks, but now, o glory of glories, I spot a bottle washed up on the shore. A map? A cry for help? I uncork the bottle and unroll the parchment inside. Show more

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Something I haven't seen come up in 'repair discourse' (IDK?) is that you can get very attached to things.

Not just any phone, *your* phone. The one that you have all the muscle memory for. The one that you can open the apps on without looking because you know exactly what the icon layout is.

Not just any T-shirt, but *your* T-shirt. Worn in exactly the right places. Just seeing it brings back so many memories.

You can get attached to stuff, but if it breaks and you can't fix it...

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If your partner is straight and you are not, no matter what gender y’all are, it is


Stop letting heteronormativity claim your beautiful bi and pan relationships.

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Is there a #Pleroma instance for table top gamers? Boardgames, role-playing games? I hear some G+ refugees are looking for longer toot limits and some markup.

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key advantages of fedi:

* high username availability so you can truly be yourself
* not algorithmically-decided
* if you post "mew", other people will boost it, compliment you for making such a good post, then join in on the mewing
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Food, not vegan Show more

Oho! Blanket kitty wanted to see what was going on.