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I've been around Mastodon for the eternity of the last seven months or so. 😉 But why not do another post anyway?

I'm a designer.
I also like , , and many kinds of -related things. (Check out !)

I like .

I'm prone to talking about . :teapot:

Finally, I'm a trained reference at large (not currently working as one), and have a question-answering reflex.

Hello, Shop, and the worlds where we wander!

I’m having a hard time being productive today, though the two random hours of awake time from 2-4am last night might have something to do with that. Maybe.

At least I’m getting some knitting done.

In a little bit I’m going to go through old pattern design ideas to see if anything sparks my interest, and then, if not, I’ll try doodling things and looking at polygons and whatnot. That sometimes helps.

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Yesterday @hafnia was talking about true facts that seem fake and I think the one I'd most like to share is:

However you are using language is almost certainly fine. You have been made to feel inadequate by powerful people telling you they're right and everyone else is wrong but language is democratic: we all know best what's best for us and we're already using it. The suitability of different kinds of language for different contexts is a big strength, not a weakness.

Good morning, shop, and the worlds where we wander!

I don’t feel as if I have much of note to say this morning about myself. (It doesn’t help that I am underslept.)

But I hope you all have a day where people support you and remind you how great you are.


‪I have lured the cat into snuggling by tossing a favorite toy next to my ankles. She had been dozing on the back of the couch, sleepily pounced onto the milk ring, and then curled upon my foot. ‬

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TIL that Michael Okuda, who is most famous for designing the LCARS interface on Star Trek TNG (but also worked on the TOS films, DS9, VOY, and ENT) also has worked with NASA on mission badges:

Somecat thinks my purpose in life is to feed her, give her treats, play with her, and provide warm legs to sleep on. Who am I to deny this?

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A friendly reminder:

Not everything is your responsibility, and you cannot help with it all.

Offer assistance where you can, but also recognize that sometimes, the best help you can give is staying out of it.

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Last week I saw someone recommend as a way to make money from home by transcribing. Skeptical, I had a look to see if they were legit, and they seemed to be, so I signed up.

There's a small grammar and English quiz, and then a transcription test, to apply. If successful, you can see client transcription jobs and their pay-per-minute, choose whichever jobs you like, work as much/little as you want.


whoops, out of practice with hashtags, sigh.

The post above should've included:

This week's knitting design blog post from me is some mosaic knitting charts that I spontaneously doodled this weekend, partly using a random number generator as a starting point.

Here's the link to the charts:

And here's how they look as allover repeats:

(no image descriptions, but they are four geometric patterns meant to be knit using two colors of yarn. I'm not sure how to describe them usefully. Two of them look like abstract chains.)

Good morning, Shop, and the worlds where we wander!

Things are looking up, mostly, though I'm waiting for a phone call, bah. At least I don't have to make the call.

Weather's nice, I got decent sleep. I hope to make the most of this week, and I hope it goes well for you all too!

Tea? I'm not having anything fancy, but there's some good green tea in the cupboard I can snitch from spouse's collection...

:teapot: 🍵

There is definitely a barred owl living at this end of the neighborhood this year. I’ve heard it multiple times over the last week.


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If you're one who screens new followers, one thing you may forget to check is who they're following. If you notice any weird patterns (all their follows are women with photo avatars, several of their follows in a row have the same first name) save yourself some grief and block.

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Hello, shop, and the worlds where we wander!

Not a whole lot to say today. It’s a sitting on the couch with the cat day, which is nice, though I’d like to get outside for a walk later. We’ll see.

I’d share a picture of the cat, but she’s hiding under the blankets on my feet.

I hope you have a good day with all the tea you want, assuming you like tea! :teapot:

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@dankwraith one of my favorite cat behaviors is when they're relaxing next to you, on the back of the couch or whatever, and they just reach down and rest one paw on you. I think of it as the Paw of Reassurance

Good morning, shop, and the worlds where we wander!

There is a certain sense of inevitability about the ways in which today is not going well. That is all I’m going to say about that.

I desperately need more tea, but I’m willing to share if you’d like some.


All well.

The cat is shouting at us now that we have let her out. “What is up with this strange behavior! We are not social in the hallway like this!” She doesn’t meow much in the carrier, for which we are grateful.

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