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I've been around Mastodon for the eternity of the last seven months or so. πŸ˜‰ But why not do another post anyway?

I'm a designer.
I also like , , and many kinds of -related things. (Check out !)

I like .

I'm prone to talking about . :teapot:

Finally, I'm a trained reference at large (not currently working as one), and have a question-answering reflex.

Today I realized that I cannot expect people on the Internet to have heard of the Geek Social Fallacies any more.

The Geek Social Fallacies are five things that geeks often believe about How Socializing Should Work, that cause a lot of conflict. I've found them to be pretty useful as a way to put a handle on certain concepts, and maybe even avoid going into bad situations.

(Looking at them in 2017, I find myself wondering how many of the GSFs the design of most social networks is running straight into...)

Research book arrived today. recently learned a for my fellow folks--All those really expensive research books you can't figure out how to afford? ABE Books and Better World Books will connect you to literally thousands of used book stores.

Got a $50 research book for under $5 in good condition.

(I am a very happy author right now.)

She fluffy, he fuzzy. Rarely close enough that I get them n the same photo.

We went on our way for a while and when we came back, kid was still trying to take the gym. Points for tenacity, kid.

(I am old enough that Pokemon was not part of my childhood.)

Went to a local museum and my family took a pokemon go gym for team blue (yeah, mystic, whatever), and a young kid came along (about 6? 7?) and got indignant and started trying to take the gym from us for team yellow. His parents indulged him and we ended up explaining things. Apparently they hadn’t noticed the team thing before? So I explained it was sort of like Hogwarts houses. (Well, I don’t know really, but when you have Valor, Mystic, and Spirit, what else am I supposed to think?)

This explanation of why most romantic languages use a vairant of "si(c)" for "yes", except for the French, is all I want from comparative linguistics. β™₯

This is "Lacy 2047", test-knit by michaela112358, who called row 15 "a bit of a head-melter."
"This AI pattern lacked the rhythm that you tend to get with a normal pattern."

Somecat likes to snuggle the back of the couch sometimes.

me, whenever someone I haven't spoken to in ages gets in touch out of the blue: this is utterly delightful, and I wish this sort of thing happened more!

me, whenever I'm thinking about talking to someone I haven't spoken to in ages: they don't remember me, they would hate me if they remembered me, this intrusion into their lives would definitely be unwelcome

#knitting #fibrearts

loving my current protect so much!! it's #SparkofGrey -or purple- by Melanie Berg. and I love it!!

She's not a big blepper usually but tonight she has forgotten how to fit her tongue back into her mouth.

#blep #catsofmastodon

I was taking his picture and then he saw a light on the wall and started chattering!!
#cats #mastocats