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Hi everyone! This is (a repost of) my post here on! I used to be and before that . At work I do and other than that I mostly play , plus a bit of and (DMing and playing 5e). My favorite tennis players are and . Lately I've been reading anything by Martha Wells, John Scalzi, Brandon Sanderson, and Ursula K Le Guin. Looking forward to meeting cool people here!

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One of my friend's posted this on another site.

But Chicago friends! Pre-registration is required!

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A theory:

People who use "mouth-breather" as an insult are insectoids who respire in the ancient, elegant way of using spiracles on one's thorax and find this whole modern upstart mammalian idea of repurposing one's mandibles to suck oxygen just terrifyingly déclassé.

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people get a lot of mileage out of conflating "farmer" with "the CEO of an agribusiness company worth millions"

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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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We all warned Bill back in 1979 that adding "graphics" to Windows would be a huge mistake and he didn't listen and here we are

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rating boost counts on masto:

0 boosts - these posts are the backbone of fedi, braver than any us marine
1-3 boosts - ideal number of boosts, sharing stuff w/ ur friends
4-10 boosts - your post got a lil attention! nice job!
10-20 boosts - wow it's really making the rounds. good in moderation
30-60 boosts - they're still boosting that huh. hope they stop soon
60-120 boots - too many boosts, i want off of mr bone's wild ride
120+ boosts - uh oh. oh no. no thank you

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As Peter Parker awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant arachnid.

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My partner and I are supposed to move to Ireland, from the USA, in a month. Still haven't found any housing. Gah!

Anyone know anyone who may be able to help us out? We're both artists/academics, and my partner has a job already at UCD in Dublin. We just need a place to land, even if its temporary. House sitting, apartment, house rental, private rooms, we're open to anything within 1 hour commute to Dublin via public transit.

If you know anyone who could help we would greatly appreciate it! We're almost in despair-mode 😅

I don't have a lot of followers on here, but feel free to boost this post if you're comfortable doing that!

#housing #ireland #help #dublin

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Honestly we could eliminate bear markets tomorrow if we all just decided not to buy or sell bears

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Monospace fonts are so calming

All the letters line up

There they go

Thank you little alphabetic friends

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People tell you all the time: don't talk to the police. But why not?

Here's one reason you may not be aware of. In most American jurisdictions, once police have you in an interrogation room, they are free to lie to you if they believe it will help them produce a confession.

What kind of lies do they tell? Things like:

* "We have surveillance video of you committing the crime."

* "We have multiple eyewitnesses who saw you committing the crime."

* "We have a confession from the friend who was with you at the time, saying you talked them into helping you commit the crime."

Let's assume you are actually 100% innocent. Even if that's the case -- if you believe that the police have evidence that could convict you anyway, you are going to be under enormous pressure to confess, EVEN THOUGH YOU DID NOT DO IT. Your brain leaps to the thought that, if you're going to be convicted regardless, maybe confessing will at least get you some leniency.

So you confess, and the cops are happy. A confession nearly always leads to a conviction, and they just produced a confession out of thin air.

You just convicted yourself.

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Gentle reminder; don't brag about your cool crimes (like doing graffiti) on here. It's not a secure place. That's how people get caught. In general, it's important to learn to be happy being a secret bad ass.

If you need help doing cool crimes, only tell one or two people you'd trust with your life. Make sure they won't tell anyone, even if they get arrested. The Weather Underground and the people who exposed CoIntelPro got away with it because they all kept quiet.

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30 years ago a tank crushed a small red car in Osijek, Croatia, as a show of force. In 2011 a monument was built: a tiny red car, crushing a tank.

Original tweet :

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Only a Sith deals in absolutes!

No *true* Sith.... generally speaking a Sith... the Sith community, from a certain point of view...

Statistically, a regression analysis shows that expressed Sith voting preferences correlate in metrics of the first order with...

I'll come in again.

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