one does not simply take a gender essentialist joke and substitute AMAB for men and AFAB for women. Not only are you not addressing the transphobic premise of the joke, but you're also revealing who's concerns you believe are worth listening to and who's aren't.

if you change your "if men could get pregnant" joke to "if amab folks could get pregnant", you're addressing the criticism that trans men can get pregnant, but not the fact that amab folk's bodily autonomy is frequently not a priority in medical systems.


you're just making the same transphobic joke but adding a thin veneer of progressivism to it. stop it.

there is no categorisation system that will include everyone who is "doing harm" and excludes everyone who is "being harmed". This is part of why we need intersectionality.

This goes double for anything about being socialised male or socialised female. Someone who transitions at 5 and someone who transitions at 15 and someone who transitions at 40 will all have different experiences. None of those will be the experience of cis people of their AGAB.

you cannot make a gender essentialist statement and also include all trans people. if you think you can, then you should have a long hard look and think about which trans people you believe are worth including and which aren't.

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