hey humans! if i enjoyed oneshot, and i enjoyed a short hike, and i enjoyed untitled goose game, do you have any recs for other games i might enjoy? preferably:
- with good music
- no big time constraints/need to memorise complicated key combos
- indie enough to be on

@fromankyra maybe Anarcute? I dunno how well developed it is so I can't vouch for it.

@fromankyra I can think of a few games I've played that you might enjoy, but the only one I know is on is Minit. It does sort of have a time constraint in that the game runs on a 60 second time loop, but there are no penalties involved. It's just about using each loop to learn a little more about the world until you find how to progress

@fromankyra hmmm... what do you mean by "no big time constraints"?

@eyal i think mostly i mean that i don't want to rely on my reflexes or pressing a key at the exact right moment - or if a game has fights, it should be turn-based with turns that don't have time limits on my end

i think mostly what i wanted was to avoid people recommending celeste

@fromankyra So I really recommend Night In The Woods, no fights or anything, and it's my GOTW for 2017, it's deeply emotional.

I should warn the game contain some scenes of playing with guitar, which involves pressing keys at the exact time, but you totally fail at them (I did), and it would be fine.

Night in the Woods and Donut County fit that description. The first is the better game IMO.

Snake Pass requires more skill/precision/etc. But there is no time limit, the over all vibe is very chill, unless you are over a chasm and you are almost slipping off a beam, then it can be a bit stressful 😅 This is one of my all time favorite games.

@kingannoy @fromankyra Donut County is shorter, cuter, and more hopeful. If you have the opportunity to play it, do.

@fromankyra @kingannoy Night in the Woods is a bit of a longer game that might take a few afternoons to finish, but otherwise it’s the first thing that popped into my head as well. Great game, giving this my +1. Haven’t tried Donut County, I probably should.

@riggedtoexplode @fromankyra
Night in the Woods also has a game-in-a-game, with a significantly higher difficulty. I loved this game, and happily spent a few session on only this part, but it can also be totally skipped without missing anything 🙂

@fromankyra Return of the Obra Dinn might fit those constraints. The music is pretty good from what I remember, but the game felt defined by its quiet & ambience to me. Not a long game, but not short either. I’ve got 8 hours in it. No learning needed, it’s a pretty simple & engrossing mystery/puzzle game about a boat. Certainly pretty morbid though, so avoid it if you’re looking to match the wholesome vibe of the games you mentioned above.

@fromankyra perhaps Night Call?

"A mysterious serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Paris. The body count rises, and the police are no closer to catching the culprit. You are a taxi driver and survivor to the killer’s most recent attacks, having barely escaped with your life. [...] These next few shifts will be far from ordinary or safe…"

Very noir and atmospheric, sorta visual novel style.

Ofc the theming is pretty dark, just be aware of that.

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