important question: do you think a creature with a hundred arms should have a hundred shoulders, or just two very broad shoulders that have fifty arms attached?

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A simple cellular automata from the Javascript re-build of a Flash experiment from many years ago. Based on Stephen Wolfram's _A New Kind of Science_.

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french trans person actually enjoyed being an egg

call that gender oeuforia

brain bad 

hey, i've managed to excite the weasels, i would appreciate any help kicking them back to where they belong

hey humans! if i enjoyed oneshot, and i enjoyed a short hike, and i enjoyed untitled goose game, do you have any recs for other games i might enjoy? preferably:
- with good music
- no big time constraints/need to memorise complicated key combos
- indie enough to be on

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o magic of mastodon,,,, o fount of knowledge,,, please send me cool places to get skirts and tights before emfcamp,,, i need more outfits just generally and im really gonna go for the cyberwitch style,,, thank u

somehow without ever experiencing homestuck my brain has been homestuck poisoned enough that my followup thought was "is this kismesis"

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what i like is when i say it out loud, it's really hard to make out whether i'm saying beloved or beloathed

on the one hand: i want a remarkable so i don't have all my information on random pieces of paper that are scattered everywhere

on the other hand: it's really useful to be able to pin those bits of paper up so i can look at all of them at once

"is my spindle too full or have my fingers just stopped doing what i tell them to?" a kyra froman tale

i don't know what endians are and at this point i'm too afraid to ask


(to clarify - no elections in my constituency, and i'm only eligible to vote in the one place)

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relieved to confirm that the reason i didn't know i needed to vote today is because i didn't in fact need to vote

~what if instead of binary booleans we had a trinary one which had tops, bottoms, and switches~

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tor is offering, among other, the last book of becky chambers "A Psalm for the Wild Built" for free in epub format until may 6!

#sff #sffbookclub

sewing machine, rambling 

anyway, it's a lot of fun!

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