if you treat your tools and materials with respect, treat yourself with respect too. you're a crucial part of the process.

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it basically becomes an annoying part of the project. i don't like it, but i know the project isn't going to be as good if i don't do it. press your seams, block your knits, drink your water.

maybe this is obvious, but it took me a while to grasp.

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on the other hand, if i appeal to my perfectionism, i can instead say, this project is not going to be at the standard i expect it to be if i am hungry/sleep deprived/dehydrated. and that works a lot better. i'm not happy about it, but i'll do it.

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like if i'm working on a project, and i think, i should eat/sleep/drink water to be healthy, i'm unlikely to listen to that impulse, because i know that i can survive not doing the healthy thing just this once.

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so, one thing that is potentially obvious, but i've found has helped reframe the way i deal with hyperfocus and bodily needs is by making it about the project.

sweet mother, i cannot play mario kart, slender athena has filled me with longing to weave

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I finally finished my felt Niko Oneshot project! I'm really happy with how this turned out, and especially how the lighting played nice when i was taking pictures.

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which direction is you blahaj smooth in?
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first time doing writing while painting, so that's pretty cool

happy pride month y'all :rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag:

i am in the process of dealing with it, advice unwelcome

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*points at a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply*: is this a computer?

when u and ur friends get a good grade in keysmash survey, something that is both reasonable to want and possible to achieve,

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Time flies like an arrow. What do time butterflies like?

me forty minutes ago: hey i'm kinda bored
me five minutes later: hey i should go to kirkstall abbey
me now: is on a train to headingley

rarely do i ever feel quite so french as i do today

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