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I seem to be considering buying an album online so I can get one song from it that isn't available anywhere else...

Queer update: I'm feeling dapperly and radiantly queer.

I have often joked that I am the King of Making Typos... I think today I may have ascended to Emperor...

So many things to do. Maybe I need to switch to the Zombie War Dance Party playlist...

Not as much fun as dancing in the car while waiting for a red light earlier, but fun.

Woman working in the meat department at grocery store saw me with my purple had and purple hoodie and was, "PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE CLOLR!" and another person in a purple shirt came around the corner. It was fun.

My weather app says it’s 69° outside. This morning I switch from winter coat to rainy spring coat and I think that is going to be way to warm for the trip home.

Of all the tings anyone mentioned about growing old, somehow just how many ways hips can hurt was not communicated!

"The art of debugging a computer program is to figure out what you really told the computer to do instead of what you thought you told it to do." -Andrew Singer.

Tone policing is a pretty kind word for what folks are actually doing which is going up in randos feeds to basically say 'I know what you said but you need to check your tone with me, total stranger.'

So there is this gin, Empress 1908, that is a rich indigo color, and which I have used exclusively for making Aviations, because Aviations are supposed to be blue-ish or purple-ish anyway... and I wasn't sure I wanted to drink a martini that color. Friend suggested I make a small one, just in case the color put me off too much to enjoy it... It's pretty good!

I did eventually go out on the veranda and sipped at tea. Then I swept, refilled the bird feeder, and assessed the flower pots. Then I went to the store to buy some spot colors and lavender...

I keep wanting to go outside and enjoy a mug of tea on my veranda, but very time I go to the door there is another bird or two at the feeder… and they have been so rare since November, that I don’t want to scare them off!

Soon we will be watching Captain Marvel! (With two of my favorite guys!

This day is not quite going to plan, but we aren’t late yet!

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