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I really need to get back in the habit of posting...

Just a reminder that you're not a feminist if you think you get to decide who's a woman and who's not.

I love living in the future... I wish it wasn't a dystopian future with Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers running the government... but some parts of the future are still cool.

Of course, as I was typing that, I remember that I gave him the Apple smart battery case for his iPhone XR about a month before HIS birthday so he would have it for the long weekend he was doing ConCom stuff, so... I guess turnabout is fair play?

My husband spoils me... not just that he gets me awesome birthday presents, but gets one more than a month early so I can use it on my upcoming trip...

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While working on the veranda, I have had many adventures with the squirrel that I have called Crazy Ivan since watching him tease and harass the young Cooper’s Hawk last fall. Maybe I should do a long blog post about it.

Forgot to link the accompanying image to my link to the links post... (is that iteratively meta enough)

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