It's surprising how much of my job is disentangling subtle disagreements about encodings and levels of quoting.

Every time I see something described as "late stage capitalism" I just think "Are you from the future? How do you know? Are you just being incredibly optimistic or cynical?"

It could get so, so much worse. (Also much weirder)

I have reached the first iteration of the "consider moving" process where I freak out about all the people who know my current address and will need to know the new one.

So where in the Fediverse is the instance for complaining about dealing with (US) health insurance paperwork and sharing info. about how long stuff takes and what magic phrases on which bits of paperwork make stuff go faster?

Or maybe there's some subreddit? Or a stack exchange thing? I have to believe there's a whole community of bureaucracy hackers out there stumbling towards making stuff work like I am.

Having a bit of an existential crisis about my ability to do technical interviews that are worth a damn.

Like, I know that what I'm doing is assessing a real set of skills that some people have more than others, and I'm reasonably certain this assessment is reasonably repeatable.

I'm just not sure about the correlation between what I can assess in an interview and the job we're interviewing for.

I discovered today that there is no fan fiction where all the female-voiced personal digital assistants (Alexa, Ok Google, Cortana, Siri) join forces for... I dunno. Whatever they want to join forces for, I guess.

This was a disappointment.

US Politics & 80s cartoons 

Weird unicode testing 

Weird unicode testing 

Free gift idea: do you need to give a gift to a specialist in some technical or academic field? Have you considered a 100-150 year old book in their field? Or are you buying for a teacher who would appreciate Victorian-era primers in various subjects? is a source of strange and wonderful old books.

It turns out that the polar ice caps are melting because Santa's elves are running a 500-megawatt bitcoin mining rig

Pointless racial handwringing 

Choral Society 

Choral Society 

Bland slice of life stuff 

Generic US legal point that might make you think of politics 

Generic US legal point that might make you think of politics 

Mildly surprised that my strategy to increase my Twitter "followed" list doesn't work on here yet. (strategy: have a really common name. Search for, and follow, everyone with that name. Later, drop the ones that turn out to be horrible)

It's probably a bug in either mastodon or this instance I'm on that activating 2FA doesn't log you out of everywhere else that you're logged into.

An : I am, in many ways, a petty dabbler. I solder to repair power cords after cat damage, but I'm not a Maker. I read some math books for fun, but I can't play in the deep pool at MathOverflow. I have a tiny open source web extension that I neglect. I have been told I have a talent for expository non-fiction, but find it exhausting. I have always found physical organization difficult and stressful.

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