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"1. The "recovery" is worse than the recession for 90% of people. That suggests it's not much of a recovery.

2. Our understanding of this--a "recovery" where people get poorer--is so poor we don't have a word for it.

3. When most people continue to get poorer even during a recovery, the economy is seriously and badly broken.

4. This economy isn't one; it's no longer an engine of shared prosperity. It's effectively an upwards wealth transfer machine.

5. Central banks can't fix this crisis. They can help, but they're out of simple, dumb options, like giving banks endless free money.

6. This is, then, an institutional crisis. How we define and measure "value" is the real issue. We're making little progress.

7. The longer it takes us to get that this is a great crisis of institutions, the longer and harder we will stagnate.

8. This decade and this generation are already lost. The damage is permanent and irreversible.

9. The future is open to all those who choose it."

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capitalism, colonialism, Lakota langauge soverienty 

Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

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A reminder to all artists online that you do not owe your followers an apology for not uploading new art at a certain frequency.

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What the hell do you think Nute Gunray and the Trade Federation are up to, people who think the prequels have no anti-capitalist message? They've literally blockaded an entire planet over a trade dispute, an action which ultimately leads to a galactic war...

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there’s no age limit on figuring shit out

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This is your periodic reminder that personalized advertising, which is a gigantic invasion of all our privacy and makes the entire web significantly slower and shittier to use, is often less effective then simple situational advertising (on a blog about ponies, advertise pony stuff).

We are losing so much of our privacy for what is essentially a scam all the way around. The best sales pitch made by advertisers is the one they made for themselves. They fuck us, and the people that buy the ads.

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I'm old enough to remember when software that sent records of everything you did and websites you visited was called "spyware".

How times have changed.

And I don't mean that spyware has gone away.

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This rather revealing piece from @wilw about the role his parents played on his youth as an actor is worth reading even if it is quite brutal.

Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Wheaton. Also: gonna read that book!

@irina I'm putting together the Tales of Space and Magic 2nd edition. Going with another beta-reader this time (sorry!) because much of the text is essentially unchanged, and you're already familiar with it. Of course you'll be among the first people to get a copy.

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[en] Hey, Grimoire is online!

What is Grimoire?

Grimoire is a WriteFreely instance, a blogging platform focused on writing without distractions. In addition, all posts on Grimoire are federated on the Fediverse.

What makes Grimoire special?

It is run by the DNS Witch Collective, a bunch of people who loves to make the Internet more accessible. Also, we apply a strong moderation, because we don’t think all ideas are good to be said. So, we try to create a nice place where people issue of minorities can feel comfortable.

How to join?

Grimoire works with a co-option policy. If you want to join, you need to be invited by one our users. Because we just launch Grimoire, it’s easier to directly ask to me for an invitation.

Help us!

This project sounds nice to you, but you don’t need it? You can always contribute by sharing this post.

[fr] Hey, Grimoire est en ligne !

Qu’est-ce que Grimoire ?

Grimoire est une instance WriteFreely, une plateforme de blogs axée sur l’écriture sans distractions. En plusse, tous les posts sur Grimoire sont fédérés sur le Fediverse.

Qu’est-ce qui rend Grimoire spécial ?

Il est géré par le Collectif DNS Witch, un groupe de personnes qui aiment rendre l’Internet plus accessible. Également, nous appliquons une forte modération, car nous pensons que toutes les idées ne sont pas bonnes à dire. Nous essayons de créer un endroit agréable où les personnes issues de minorités peuvent se sentir à l’aise.

Comment s’inscrire ?

Grimoire fonctionne avec une politique de cooptation. Si vous voulez nous rejoindre, vous avez besoin d’être invitéx par une personne ayant déjà un compte. Comme nous venons de lancer Grimoire, il est plus facile de me demander directement une invitation.

Aidez-nous !

Ce projet vous semble intéressant, mais vous n’en avez pas besoin ? Vous pouvez toujours contribuer en partageant ce post.

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Okay, yeah. I was hesitant but adding "RT @" and "From birdsite" to my filters, but now I think it's a good idea.

I'm on Mastodon for a number of reasons, but a big one of those is engagement. I'm not going to get that from auto-reposted stuff on an account the owner probably doesn't even monitor for replies. So why should I bother with it at all?

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okay let's stop with the "what if beloved superheroes were actually evil and brutally violent and did f-ed up shocking things for the sake of a twist" stories plz... just like... for a month?

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"Blame and punish the individual" (2013) by Michelle Hamer

@Alamantus Been working on a little experiment. It's not meant to be shared and might not last long, but maybe you'd like to see how I'm using FeatherWiki?

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Reasons why someone may not want pronouns in their bio:

1. Person doesn’t want to out themselves
Because of:
A. Abusive family
B. Abusive community
C. Not comfortable yet
D. Repressive government
E. Employer retaliation/abuse

2. Persons native language doesn’t have pronouns, and doesn’t want that linguistic imperialism shit pressed on them

3. Person is unsure of their pronouns

4. And more reasons I can’t list in the character limit. But you get the idea.

Tales of Space and Magic has aged badly in places. It could use a second edition, but why bother? Hardly anyone cared about the first one.

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