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I'm beginning to think caring is a skill that has to be learned, and nobody teaches it because people think it just sort of comes naturally.

I'm beginning to think should be considered harmful. It's just so hard to make compliant apps, and they all end up very complex, with involved requirements and maintenance.

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'Irreconcilable Differences' by me

My thoughts on the Mastodon iOS app and the frustrations within with a side of our long standing problems with Gargron.

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Stop playing AAA games.

I'm not talking boycot. I'm saying walk away from the whole rotted industry. Stop supporting that shit with a flip "No ethical consumption, so oh well!" Just don't play them or buy them any more.

No WoW. No Assassin's Creed. No GTA. No Call of Duty. Go find some actually good things in the indie space, at least there are good ideas there and maybe you'll support non-monsters. Better odds of doing so at least.

Just saw an ad on TV promoting a magnesium supplement "for men". You heard it folks, chemical elements are gendered now.

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Hey #Fediverse! Like so many other #FreeSoftware projects, keeping #FDroid up and running is a community effort. Have you ever contributed to any #FLOSS Project?

BRB, making a pointless little app just so I stop losing sleep over it.

"But how exactly does it work? Why can they build something like that and we can't?"

"Dunno, It's alien super-science!"

That's called a cop-out, Mr. Hard Sci-Fi Writer.

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It's not a weakness to care about other people, pass it on

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When you use Windows, you get a really narrow view of how much you can actually do with computers

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Companies be like: we're looking for a junior developer with the experience of a senior engineer and the salary expectations of an intern.

This: "[...] part of living in society is being able to resolve disputes without going to court. [...] Society is more than the law!"

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Hungary passes law banning LGBT content in schools or kids’ TV

Hungary is still an EU country.

(This is just about human rights after all, it’s not like they threatened the Single Market or anything.)


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Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

The problem with tech, space exploration and sci-fi: if we could build a real-world HAL 9000, we could also send him on missions all by himself, in a spaceship the size of a shipping container or two.

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Sigh, another person who advises audiobooks for someone (not me) who wants to read but finds it hard to concentrate. And won't understand "that doesn't work for me because audio requires even more concentration". I'm in the advisee's camp. It takes MUCH more effort to focus on audio-only. After a while I sort of tune out.

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