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Sigh, another person who advises audiobooks for someone (not me) who wants to read but finds it hard to concentrate. And won't understand "that doesn't work for me because audio requires even more concentration". I'm in the advisee's camp. It takes MUCH more effort to focus on audio-only. After a while I sort of tune out.

Advantages of static fiction: you can write from end to end without having to worry about flags, conditions, branching or what players will do.

Advantages of interactive fiction: you can write in small chunks that mostly stand on their own and don't come in any particular order.

Courtesy of the GNU Project's annotated list, I just discovered the Free Art License:

Ten years' worth of writing about interactive fiction in one place: 18 articles I wrote between 2011 and 2020, and finally gathered together:

We have the same problem in tech: people telling the rest of us what we're supposed to want. What we're supposed to need. "No no, trust me, you're better off without that feature!" Sounds familiar? "I'm beating you up / restraining you for your own good."

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Except the various Communist revolutions throughout the world didn't fail. They achieved their real goal, which was *dictatorship*. Marx's ideals were a pretext. If those revolutionaries cared at all, they must have known it wouldn't work in practice:

A real-life story from the 1980s / 1990s that makes Philip K. Dick seem unimaginative:

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The thing about work/life balance is the whole concept is predicated on toxic capitalism, like there should be large periods of your life that aren't for you

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One of the most important roles for artists and creators of software today is to imagine and promote forms of cultural practice outside of corporate enclosure.

When I wrote my cyberpunk stories, readers were all, "why would hacking and 3D printers be banned? that's cartoonishly evil". Now people are fighting megacorps for the right to service and repair their own computers... or tractors.

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"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers."

-- Sydney J.Harris

Dear book lovers: is there a more specific name for non-figurative illuminations used to delimit book sections or fill a blank space? Wikipedia simply describes them in these words.

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If it involves a couple of hacky tricks, I don't care if your code solves the problem 6% faster.

Hardware scales and will improve over time. The human capacity of understanding and maintaining code does not.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking:

clean code > performance.

The price of fresh cherries in Romania is through the roof this spring, and I can't stop thinking of someone in my circles who cut down the decades-old cherry trees in their yard to clear the grounds for a vacation house with rooms to rent.

Turns out computers in general and AI in particular are great at revealing which human activities are mechanical and easily automated, and which aren't. Case in point: self-driving cars:

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Sci-fi writers and fans alike might be interested in this (short and sweet) scientific paper about the problems with real-world artificial intelligence research:

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Capitalism is a giant game of prisoners’ dilemma where it’s always more lucrative for each person to be unethical and exploit everyone else, even though it’s worse for everyone.

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build on the commons
give back to the commons
tend to the commons

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