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Dunno if anyone reading this uses , but its obsession with time is fascinating. It has an app for events, appointments, tasks, and then Deck for Kanban boards. Tech reflecting life, I guess.

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The art of film editing is living proof of how much we rely on context and juxtaposition.

I just had the opportunity to tell someone, "you went all Olaf Stapledon there". How's your morning?

Advantages of worldbuilding as you write, and not in advance:

- you discover the setting along with your readers;
- the setting grows organically, every bit connected to what's already there;
- every detail you add serves a narrative purpose, so readers never have to ask "so what".

Try it sometime!

It occurs to me that a love for knowledge isn't the same as wanting to feel smart, and mixing up the two is a recipe for unhappiness.

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Writing advice:

- write when you want to
- it's normal to need breaks, even long ones
- it's harder to write when you're unwell, so look after yourself
- you are doing great
- yes, I mean you who hasn't written in months/years
- the words will still be here when you get back

It could be ten times simpler and smaller. More so than *WordPress*. Enough that anyone with minimum training could run it on their $5 shared hosting account for themselves and friends. And it misses every single opportunity.

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Been wondering why other apps like never caught on. Now I know: it's so astoundingly overcomplicated and restrictive, it's giving *me* trouble.

We have a very quiet instance here. That's welcome, but unexpected. And Mastodon is a few good versions behind. Hopefully not a bad sign.

I'm here to eat sweets and write , and I'm all out of pens.

Please excuse me while I get settled in. Might look like a bot account due to all the following and little posting to go with it. Beep boop!

Nice touch: when you use an invite to a instance, you automatically become a mutual of the person who issued the invite.

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