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backups don't just apply to data. if you want to be able to contact someone reliability, you should have multiple ways to do so. you never know when one of those services will go down, whether temporarily or permanently.

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find (or build) the identity that fits you.

and never be afraid to change and adjust things if something no longer fits.

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painting on the walls of the world is how we tell our stories. it’s how it’s been for centuries. we like to create and we like to sing and dance and laugh and love. that chalk on that stone fireplace is never gonna come off, but it tells a story. every scratch, every scribble, every doodle and word written and painting. all of these meant something to someone once. you are leaving a part of yourself to be seen to the rest of the universe. the world is a canvas for our imagination.

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politics, computer, vent, this is boostable if you want 

technology makes me so mad because it could be used to be good and constructive purposes but instead states, corporations, and all those "entrepreneur" assholes are exclusively using it to ruin everything

"did you hear about what's going on with computers today?" i guarantee that i can universally respond with "i hate that shit so much"

they make absolutely sure nothing good can come out of their technology without a serious catch (or it's just shit all the way through because its sole function is extracting money)

i wanna see more anarchist tech collectives and hackerspaces. i want these explicitly political computer organizations that are there to help communities in interfacing with all this cybre dystopian bullshit and supporting activists with their tech needs

-- demon dog :white_heart:

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They [cryptocurrencies] fail as “digital gold” or a “store of value” because they consume ludicrous amounts of energy to run what is essentially a glorified spreadsheet.


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It's just amazing how many times techbros can invent something that already exists, but make it much worse.

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Once again just a reminder you are not obligated to forgive someone who hurts you. the onus is on them to take responsibility for their own actions, to acknowledge the ways they hurt people, and to make amends where possible and if you don't want to be a part of that, that is absolutely your right as the injured party

@klara "‘C.S. Lewis’ the superstar happened only after he died — an unexpected development owing in large part to Hooper’s archival labor, canny promotion, charm, and sense of theater." Also because writers, as a rule, are seldom properly appreciated in life. It would require publishers to (shudder) pay them!

@exquisitecorp I did too, until I realized those other parts will never get fixed either.

@exquisitecorp Direct your frustrations at the techbros who reinvented several different wheels with Gemini then refused to fix them when they turned out wonky.

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I guess C.S. Lewis was queer and kind of a mess, and he owed both his faith and his posthumous reputation to close gay friends he was maybe in love with: medium.com/belover/c-s-lewis-a

Gosh do I wish he'd been able to just be out. Maybe then he'd've written a decent finale to a series.

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Updated my blogroll to lean more heavily on the websites of my friends: felix.plesoianu.ro/blog/blogro

Pseudonymous memex.marginalia.nu/log/43-pse

"Further, I think that there is far too much emphasis on identity. There is value in being a bit of a blank canvas. I like reading historical authors specifically because there is so much ambiguity in who they were, what they looked like, how they were like. This lets their words speak for themselves."

@smalldog Thank you! They are, too bad they've been largely absent for years now. And I wouldn't call Neocities an archive, though of course you can upload your old site there if that's what you want.

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Updating the time-stamp on this old post since I’ve pasted in some of what we’ve talked about here on Fedi lately and I liked the new tree-chopping analogy.


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Those of you who write Free Software, do you primarily:

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