Dear everyone railing against "multitasking": you listen to music while writing, don't you? Then blame something else entirely for lack of focus.

And even if multitasking was a problem: how... how exactly do you need outside help to... simply ignore your web browser for an hour at a time and just write?! It's called self-discipline. Grow some.

And please don't blame neurodivergence on it. I grow bored easily. My mind flutters around. I can waste too much time fussing over details instead of making progress.

All this can be overcome. It's your brain.

@felix I don't listen to music while writing. If any music is on while I'm writing, I ignore it (or turn it off/ask people to turn it off if I can't).

On the other hand, I don't rail against multitasking either.

@felix Oh, and I don't grow bored. (Perks of another kind of neurodivergence.)

@irina @felix I can't have music on while I'm working either. Thigh I can listen to serial killer podcasts while cutting vegetables....

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