Web-adjacent question: what's your opinion on dates in ISO format, i.e. 2022-06-27?

@felix If it *must* be the other way round, make it properly little-endian, 27-06-2022. The US way is *really* weird and literally mixed up.

its a good way to avoid confusion but doesn't translate well when you want to avoid the year or shorten it..

@felix preferred filename convention tbqh (for files where the date is important eg. photos or journal entries)

@felix I like that there's no "this is clearly the clearest method" option 😂

@felix I use them a lot as the beginning of file names for sorting by date. I rarely sort things by month but need to sort by year all the time.

@felix I use them like that in file names for searching, so I don't mind them, but in day to day use I prefer day month year

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