I've been asked why not simply use in AntiWiki, and it turns out there are many good reasons:

- Markdown is an extra dependency.
- It's noticeably slow to parse and render.
- It's overhyped and overused. People are fed up.
- There must be better ways to do lightweight markup.
- Only nerds ever liked Markdown to be honest.

Besides, turns out my new markup language is really nice to use. Might as well.

@felix, I agree that plugging md or html into every editor product is overkill. Coming from a </markup> background, markdown was a guilty pleasure and using anything but the core spec felt like using the wrong tool for the job. For me the ideal usage is to make pure text more readable in simple unformatted text editors and it does that very well. The uplift to editor markup is a side benefit of having a spec, but once lifted I rarely go back to the md, since I've exceeded its requirements.

Not using md is something I respect. It's so badly designed!

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