I'll always get a laugh out of how many authors push the narrative that Amazon is the only place people buy books. It's patently false in so many ways.

My book released today? 17% of the pre-orders were on Amazon.

The rest were from other ebook stores and 65% of them were paperback pre-orders.

So whenever tells you Amazon has 70-80% of the book market, feel free to challenge that narrative and explore for yourself.

@felix What's funny is it's still accurate years later.

They still do all of that shit. Like, for example, they're fucking with a few of my prices. An $8.99 ebook is $6.73. I've asked them to fix it multiple times.

A $4.99 ebook is $4.04.

If I didn't need money I'd cut them off completely.

@dvewlsh @felix I had a Fussy Librarian promo this week. Amazon wouldn't price match everyone else (due to technical difficulties, apparently). I still managed to get 158 downloads that day – but not from Amazon.

And I did something different in response: I told my subscribers it was free but that Amazon wouldn't play ball. I suggested they get it from Payhip instead. In one day, I had 30 downloads from Payhip (a huge number for me).

@dvewlsh @felix I'm thinking of telling my newsletter subscribers about the little ways Amazon screws indie authors over.

@clacksee @felix Kira did some tinkering with their last Fussy deal and only included a link to the book on their site.

Fussy is cool with that and they got I think 150+ people to download direct, which means you get their emails as well.

That feels like a pretty effective listbuilder lol

@dvewlsh @felix Took me a sec to realise you weren't talking about my dog. But yes, that's really cool.

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