@felix Those links on your page are useful. I am familiar with NeoCities. It's one of several archives of the old GeoCities. I also archived some of my old webpages there that were saved on diskettes that I made when studying at university. Back in the dialup days.

Also, the founder of NeoCities seems to be cool.

@smalldog Thank you! They are, too bad they've been largely absent for years now. And I wouldn't call Neocities an archive, though of course you can upload your old site there if that's what you want.

@felix I was thinking that Neocities had a special Geocities archive collection, but it might be this other site instead:


I'm still looking to see if Neocities has anything. I used to really enjoy randomly exploring the "neighborhoods." I had a page in West Hollywood / Heights. West Hollywood was full when I signed up.

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