I probably posted this before: nearly 10y ago when I was writing my cyberpunk stories, I'd never have guessed that the energy crisis would 1) hit in the 2020s and 2) be due not to fossil fuels running out, but to us not being able to get them out of the ground fast enough.

Then again, most people didn't believe it would happen at all. Renewables would save us, they'd say. We'll have new, better tech.

@felix What happens when you have no sun, or no water, or no wind or too much of it?

@kf4yfa That's not even the issue. They're just too inefficient, and in any event we keep increasing our energy demand faster than we can build up our production capacity. So that even fossils aren't enough anymore.

@kf4yfa That said, ever heard about energy storage and load balancing?

@felix I probably have. Remind me what that is all about, please.

@kf4yfa Are you serious? You don't know why we have continent-spanning electrical grids? You don't know excess energy is stored during periods of low consumption, to be used when peaks begin? Power plants don't spin up and down so quickly.

@felix I do know this. Forgive me for saying I did not.

@felix The idea of nuclear fusion would be great. However, it might remain nothing but an idea for us.

@kf4yfa At last, a realistic person. Yes, it will. But guess what: we've had *fission* power plants for decades. I don't see even the richest countries building new ones these days, even as we desperately need them.

@kf4yfa Well... they *are* white elephants. Absurdly expensive to build and operate, even if they help a lot once working. And public confidence was badly shaken after Fukushima. Can't even blame them: accidents may be exceedingly rare, but it only takes one to cause a lot of suffering.

@felix They shape everything. They haven't even attempted to shape opinions to the good on that.

@kf4yfa I'm not sure it's possible. Accidents only happen when someone is negligent... but people always will be. There are inherently safe designs... that were never developed, and nobody has the time to research them now. And public opinion about nuclear energy *was* shaped, for decades... by oil companies.

@kf4yfa Isn't it? I was appalled to learn that all those people who demonstrated against nuclear energy for decades were dupes. So much for caring about the environment.

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