I'm beginning to think caring is a skill that has to be learned, and nobody teaches it because people think it just sort of comes naturally.

@felix It's normally parents' duty to teach children to care, about their younger siblings, about pets and nature, etc, etc. We have fairytales and books, films about that. Later on at school and uni humans have no time for caring, they have to learn math and Python, those are more in demand, especially in today's individualistic Western culture. So it more or less comes down to what one learns at a younger age :)

@felix In my experience they do teach it, but not to boys, for some reason.

@felix @platypus Something a great many autistic people have known for ages. Also before I figured all that out I thought I was deeply flawed because I had to do it on purpose. So there’s that.

@felix it made a lot more sense once I stopped thinking of care and love as an emotion but as a decision/promise/action

@felix I largely agree! I think humans (as most animals) do have some innate empathy, but it has to be cultivated and grown. Plus there’s a huge gulf between that and the actual labor of care!

@felix That's interesting! How do you think the people who do care learned?

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