I'm beginning to think should be considered harmful. It's just so hard to make compliant apps, and they all end up very complex, with involved requirements and maintenance.

@felix yes, #activitypub apps are complex and involved and the onboarding for newcomers is hard.

I invite you to come help make improvements and join #socialhub community.

We must build this thing together :)

@felix it's not easy to make good software. The activitypub spec in itself is irrelevant in how good/bad it is, the only important thing is that it exists and different services use it.

A lot of things are difficult in computing. Dismissing them for it is not productive.

@mariusor When ALL software based on a certain spec comes out in a certain way? Pretty sure the spec is at least partly to blame.

@mariusor E-mail clients. IRC clients. Web browsers. They all range from lightweight, minimal implementations to big, powerful professional solutions. ActivityPub servers? Even the simplest have such a list of requirements, it's scary.

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