Everyone: "Linux sucks! It's for rocket scientists! How do you expect me to use it?"

Linux developers: *spend decades making it more friendly*

Everyone: "Ha ha, Linux is still around? Suckers!"

@felix I'm genuinely grateful to everyone who's made Linux more accessible and easier to use. Now, if only I had someone to be grateful to for letting everybody else know it was accessible and easy to use...

@evilroda People know. Trust me. They knew the entire time and didn't care.

@felix I'm not sure if you're referring to a certain group of people or not. Most people around me haven't heard of Linux, and when I talk to them about it, they just think it's weird computer stuff. So they go back to their Windows and macOS systems, or, in a lot of cases, their Android and iOS devices, none the wiser to the great things the Linux world has to offer.

@evilroda You must be very new to Linux advocacy. Good luck, but brace for disappointment.

@felix Four years, my dude, five this summer. Been running Linux full time since then. Helped my friend a bit before that by installing Ubuntu on his laptop, helped another friend with his laptop the same way. Neither are still running it as of right now, albeit one because said laptop died. If it were easy, I would've been running it before 2016, so I always knew it would be an uphill battle.

@evilroda Congrats! Five years in, I was also still trying. Still hoping. Still thinking it was a matter of persistence.

@felix wait, Linux has been trying to become user friendly all this time? Then why do Linux users still act like the complexity and the barriers to entry are its best feature?

I would use Linux if it didn't make me look like someone who used Linux.

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