slavery, prisons, question 

I don't personally want to debate this, but if anybody is aware of any high quality academic articles addressing the similarities and differences between Bronze Age slavery and modern prison labor, I'm interested in reading them and would appreciate a link.


slavery, prisons, question 

@eleanorkonik Genuine question, why Bronze Age specifically?

slavery, prisons, possible answer 

@evilroda @eleanorkonik it's the first time we get specific written accounts of slavery, tho usually not a first person view

(It's also the time of the origin of the word "slave" in most indo-european languages, except the Slavic ones, where it's "rob".
The Slavs where mostly slaves in Ancient greece and rome)

slavery, prisons, question 

@evilroda I'm broadly more interested in early Mesopotamia / nomadic pastoralists on the Eurasian plains / stuff that happened before the rise of Greek city states just as part of my general interests, so it's not only an era I know more about, it tends to be more relevant to my work.

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