FOSS people in my mentions saying FOSS is freedom is just proving my point that FOSS is a neo-liberal ideology that has failed to help everyday people like neo-liberalism has always done

@Main_Tomato You wouldn't even listen to me, so no, it's not proving your point. I keep telling you it helped me, and it helps all kinds of people all around the world. You know what I think? I think you're the one who's too privileged to see that.

@evilroda I do see the point, Linux will always be around but everyone should have access without technical knowledge


@Main_Tomato I am not a technical person, but I can still use Ubuntu, or Linux Mint, or even Solus. It's not that hard, and even for the people who do find it hard, we should be helping them. This isn't just some utopian neolib shit, if you have a ladder and you see someone in a hole, help them out of the hole.

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@evilroda I'm saying technology should be put under public ownership, it should be a core public service like heath care or anything else

@evilroda Linux wouldn't go away because of that if people want to use that go ahead, this is about making sure truly e v e r y o n e has this human right to use their devices freely

@Main_Tomato Then why are you so negative towards FOSS? The culprits here are massive corps like Google and conservative governments. Maybe we should attack them? Maybe it's just time to break up Google? I mean, it's long past time to replace capitalism, but you know.

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