Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

It seems to me like I'll have to switch away from #Ubuntu. The 21.10 beta is out, and it's using #Gnome 40, so I'm guessing the final version will have Gnome 40 too. I'm already tired of being so far behind not having Gnome 40 on my Ubuntu 21.04 box, and now I'll have to go another 7 months without getting Gnome 41? When Ubuntu 22.04 will Gnome 42 already be out, and Ubuntu just have Gnome 41?

Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

I want a distro that's well supported, reasonably light weight, stable, and lets me easily use vanilla Gnome DE with the latest stable version.

Also I want to be able to use all the Ubuntu related resources online whenever I might have any issues.

Is there an ideal distro out there for me?


Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

@forteller Okay, I was obviously joking in my last post, but seriously, I don't think there's a distro out there that checks all these boxes. Fedora checks most of them, maybe checks lightweight, but Ubuntu stuff is incompatible. Debian Testing/Sid is going to be a lot harder to use, but will have some overlap with Ubuntu. Then again, that overlap may give a problematic false sense of confidence.

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