So, I get Linux, and love it. I get Android, and love it. And then Windows comes and says "Hey Devin ol' buddy ol' pal, guess what I can do? I can work with your Android phone to allow you to make calls on your PC, text right from a desktop app, show you notifications.... I can even allow you to use your phone straight from your Windows PC! Let KDE Connect try to have that much integration. Also, I'm far more accessible. Try me again?"

But then I'm using Emacs with Emacspeak and I'm like "mmmm, nahhhh."

#Android #Linux #Windows #a11y

@devinprater KDE Connect can do all of those things, though...

@evilroda including making and receiving phone calls on the computer?


@devinprater I'll have to double check when I get home, but yeah, pretty sure.

@devinprater Sorry for the late response, but apparently, KDE Connect can't do it. You can still do it if your phone is connected to your PC via Bluetooth, and apparently, this is how MS's phone thing works, anyway. Literally everything else on that list is possible, though.

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