I really shouldn't engage with idiots who stan for Microshaft.

Why make a Matrix effect in Adobe Aftereffects (beta proprietary software) when you can just use Simple Screen Recorder, Cool Retro Term, and cmatrix (alpha chad free software)?

If anybody buys a Steam Deck and installs Windows on it, I'm going to find them and confiscate both their Steam Deck and their pancreas. If they can't see how sweet Linux is, they don't deserve to have a body that processes sugar.

If you could become ice cream, what flavor would you be? My flavor would be human flesh.

I keep wanting to call Abbie Thorn Abbie Shapiro and it's really annoying.

Noodles are like worms, they're both in my bones. I can feel it.

I just finished Wonder Egg Priority, and now that I've finally seen the special episode, I feel like I can make an honest conclusion:
What a shame. What a goddamn fucking shame.

Hands or fingers exist, one or the other, not both.

Any system's a democracy if you're brave enough.

If leaves were currency, money would literally grow on trees.

Mental health 

And like, I don't want to discourage anybody from posting about their mental health or other such struggles, it just feels bad, man.
To be clear, it'll be fine, I'll get over it. Keeping my mouth shut is the best option because I'm almost always wrong about this stuff.

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Mental health 

And it's like, everybody does SOMETHING toxic or mean or bad faith sometime in their life, but you just feel like it defines you, even though everybody says it doesn't, it's like, you know the truth, you're just a worthless, toxic piece of shit and it'd be better if you weren't around and you can't ask about it because if she says no she's lying and if she says yes that just confirms everything and nothing good will come of it and and and and and

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Mental health 

TFW a friend posts about toxic people in her life and you immediately assume it's you, even though you're 90% sure logically it's not you, and you just feel bad about everything.
It's always the 10% that gets you, innit?

Said beloved thing today is a webcomic called A Stray to Botaram. Even if it'll almost certainly not get finished, you've still missed out if you haven't read it. Missed out in past tense, because I just tried to reread a couple pages and the images wouldn't load. Really, really sad. Not only that, but it's so obscure, I doubt anybody archived it, and the author disappeared off the face of the Earth.

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It's so upsetting when something you love is not only condemned to obscurity, but also possibly lost to time. :(

The ironic thing about Glimpse justifying its existence by saying the name is more marketable than GIMP is that the very statement is bad marketing. They should've just lead with the UI improvements.

Also, I saw somebody a few months back made a proposal to move everything to the bottom to make the distance between the top bar and dock shorter, but... why not just let the dock be on top?

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Why do desktops just want to be macOS now? GNOME 40, Cutefish, JingOS, Pantheon... Come on, guys, I'm not saying the layout/basic design language of the Mac desktop is bad per se (I've used such a layout in the past), but surely we can do better? Especially GNOME, which was fairly unique looking before 40, even if a lot of the design was similar.

Playing Spirit of Justice, just started the third case and Maya's been arrested. First thought, "AGAIN?! Goddammit Maya!" Second thought, "Just like old times..."

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