Today I learned that saying Linux distros use "illegal DMCA circumvention" isn't slander. Technically, it'd be libel, anyway, but go off, I guess.

It's hard not to laugh when we're about to cry.

I hate homophones. It's like, we already have a word that sounds like that, get your own sound!

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anger levels are currently at 77% but fluctuating wildly

(77%) ■■■■■■■□□□

If reincarnation is real and you commit murder, is it really murder? Could it just be forcing someone to reroll their character?

I think the one thing that really helps me sleep at night is the fact that I work nights and it fucking pisses me off.

Mental health, maybe don't read this one 

Here I am once again, listening to Siinamota and pondering if I've been a net negative.

Me the last time released a new LTS: "Oh boy oh boy I can't wait to see what's new! Fuck it, I'm not even going to wait for the point release!"
users when seeing Windows 11: "OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD! OH MAN!"

Linux! Come because Windows sucks, stay because Linux is awesome.

"GIMP? What, is that a graphics program or a goddamn fetish?" - Glimpse team if they knew how to pitch their software

"MoSt pEoPlE wHo use LINUX use ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111" - some fucking idiot on a poll asking if people use Wayland or Xorg

The more I look at my GOG library, the more I wish I had just bought everything on Steam.

What's the difference between a bowling ball and a velociraptor? 

They're both capable of, and highly efficient at, eating babies.

I really shouldn't engage with idiots who stan for Microshaft.

Why make a Matrix effect in Adobe Aftereffects (beta proprietary software) when you can just use Simple Screen Recorder, Cool Retro Term, and cmatrix (alpha chad free software)?

If anybody buys a Steam Deck and installs Windows on it, I'm going to find them and confiscate both their Steam Deck and their pancreas. If they can't see how sweet Linux is, they don't deserve to have a body that processes sugar.

If you could become ice cream, what flavor would you be? My flavor would be human flesh.

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