Time is both a relative and foreign concept to me.

" isn't safe! This polkit vulnerability that went unnoticed for 12 years proves it!"
I wish I could punch that guy. This kind of bug can and does happen literally everywhere. The article I saw even implied you actually had to be local to use the exploit, which if somebody malicious gets to that point, all bets are off, anyway. People like this piss me off. Nowhere is safe. Not in the way he seems to want it to be, anyway.

Watching The Boys episode one and I'm already horrified.

Just finished Lilly's route. I've passed the halfway point. Next will be Rin's route, really looking forward to this one.

"A gun owner without training is a loot drop." - an amazing post I just saw on Reddit

I have to wonder if the crossing the eyes thing was an effort to adapt this game (The Great Ace Attorney) to the Switch. Then again, it might've been present in the 3DS version as well. The 2DS was indeed a thing...

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Watching two characters in this game cross their eyes was unsettling... and hilarious!

The reason why turning to conservatism because Biden sucks is such bullshit is because everything bad he does is something Republicans (and conservatives more broadly) want to happen. It was the exact same thing with Obama, and a huge reason why all of his "scandals" brought on by right wing media (like dijon mustard and tan suits) were such bullshit.

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Kenji is totally bi, he just mentioned grassy plains and men in kilts are the only things to see in Scotland.

There are some songs that are absolute bops, but you just giggle while you listen because it's meme music but you're also boppin' and you're gigglin' and it's just a good time.

I'm doing it, I'm bringing back Anime Mondays.

Were anime and Linux the only things that went well in 2021?

So, uh, why DID the half-length comedy anime die after summer 2019?

Just finished Hanako's route the day before yesterday, about to start Lilly's. I should really post more about this...

You know, one thing about that I think people miss is that none of the girls really need Hisao. Sure, he helps them a lot in each of their routes, but I'd like to think they'd still be fine without them. That is part of the point, right? That rushing in and acting like some sort of savior is counterproductive in more ways than one? This tracks in real life as well. Disabled people don't need heroes. What they need is accommodations.

This year must be one of nostalgia. turned ten, Brutal Moose released a video...

What the fuck is this shit, anyway? What does it mean and why am I seeing it everywhere?!

Ramen of Blood needs to be the title of something. I don't know what. But something.

Before I do sleep, though, I did not tag this person in any of these posts. I muted them before I even made this thread, and I don't even remember their username. If you figure it out, please leave them alone.

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