Enjoy your inauguration, Biden, after this, I'mma shove you into a locker and call you a fuckin' nerd.

Just said fuck it and unsubscribed. Should really stop being so dramatic about this stuff when the solution is obvious.

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and this is the only time I've heard him say something like this. It's silly anyway, it's not like I'm his friend, but I don't like thinking badly of people and I don't like the idea that people are hateful. It's really upsetting to me to find out somebody's homophobic, racist, et cetera, even if I don't know them personally, just know of them by reputation.

YouTuber I used to like who shall remain unnamed said something a few months back about a gay couple in a video game that could be vaguely homophobic. Specifically, he objected to it because the game was supposed to be sold in Russia. I haven't watched another video of his since, but I'm still subscribed and I just don't know. Am I being paranoid? Did he just say something dumb in the process of nitpicking the game, or is he actually homophobic?

It's really fucked up that people are basically forced to not say coronavirus on YouTube if they want to be monetized. I wonder how long it's going to take for these euphemisms creators use to make no damned sense.

As someone who once worked (indirectly) for the NRA, I find their bankruptcy absolutely delicious and I hope they fail permanently. Seriously, if I sat at home all day shoving guns up my ass, I would be doing more for your rights, 2A or otherwise, than they ever did.

Are bookmarks disabled on this instance...?

Hey all! Giving Mastodon another go. First instance a few years ago went down, spent a few months lurking on Mastodon.social here recently, and the past week or so lurking on here. Hoping to find a lot of friends to discuss writing and other things with, and maybe find the willpower to actually write again. How is everyone?

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