All turtles are round, except box turtles, which are boxes.

You've heard of junk mail, but what about JUNKER mail?

I just finished Gakkou Gurashi last night, and if the anime had continued, I think it would have ended up better than the manga. Yeah, I said it. I still really liked the manga, though...

So there's this platform called Tales that I apparently put myself on a waiting list for but forgot about and now I can use it? Has anybody else seen/used this platform? Is it any good at all?

Just now, I almost sent a message about a flash cart in which I capitalized the F. I guess that says something about my life.

If Mountain Dew were blood, everyone would have diabetes. Actually, I'm lying, Mountain Dew blood would be a condition incompatible with life because Mountain Dew lacks the ability to carry oxygen, among other things.

While advocating for murder is illegal, advocating for the legalization of murder is perfectly within the bounds of the law. That being said. the current Supreme Court is the perfect example of why murder should be legal.

The solution to America's problems is NOT to vote and hope for the best, it's to vote for the best candidate you can (and vote for the squishiest person if they're all bad options), and then put the fucking squeeze on them. Don't vote for unrealistic candidates, a libcuck who we can bully and wins is far better than a perfect anarchosocialist third party candidate who loses to a right wing zealot (read: Republican).

Greatest social media pickup line ever 

Hey baby, why don't you follow me back? Oh, where? To my bedroom, of course.

Every language has some bullshit in it. That's because our languages evolved over time, and continue to evolve according to the whims of those who speak them. Much like how our bodies have some stupid inefficient bullshit in the way they're constructed (what the fuck is up with the blood vessel over the fucking retina?), languages will have weird little shit that makes no sense for a variety of reasons simply because it works well enough to get by.

Jaywalking is more legal than murder, and that is a fucking travesty.

Everything funny ever has happened already. Do I really need to explain quantum mechanics to you AGAIN?

Looking at a pic of someone you hate: "Is that a dick pic?"

Sidescrolling beat-'em-up based on Revenge of the Nerds where everybody was perfectly nice to the nerds, but the nerds were just incel assholes.

Some people say when I try to help with fires, I just make them worse. Most are too crispy to say anything at all, though.

You ever get into a situation where someone yells at you and you just fear response?


I just wanna be the kind of slut people can count on to give good oral. :(

FUCK Olive Garden! Got some leftover pasta and it was so fucking mediocre, and it was really expensive, too. Why would you eat there when there are so many vastly superior Italian restaurants here? And another thing, why would you build an Olive Garden with such stiff competition, when you could've built a Red Lobster?! That's a slam dunk! You have no competition in seafood restaurants to make us realize how lame it is!

If murder is legal, then nothing is illegal. We must legalize murder!

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