"Mods, do we discuss Beastars in the anime channel or the furry channel?" I asked in my local Discord server, causing all the mods to get a bad case of the headsplosions.

Not watching ads is a good way to reduce plastic waste.

According to many religions and philosophies, the dead can always die again.

I swear my autocorrect changed fuck to all caps in the last post. >.>

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To be clear, I still use proprietary software because you really can't get away from it, either, unless you go without a lot of stuff. Also, why the FUCK would people use Vivaldi over Firefox if you care about privacy or freedom or even just good software? Mozilla's pulled some stupid shit, but Vivaldi is only partially open source and, while I haven't personally used it, by all accounts, it's just as bloated as Firefox.

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I've seen at least a couple people on here express animosity towards FOSS, and I just... what? First of all, do you know what platform you're on? Second of all, you can't get away from FOSS. If you don't believe me, open up the licensing information on your favorite video game and you'll find a plethora of FOSS stuff. Third of all, why would people want to use proprietary software for things like web browsers? I had to unfollow somebody over this.

One of the citizens on my island in Animal Crossing sent me a letter mentioning walking past the post office... but... we don't have a post office?!!?!?!?!!?!?

So coworker's an idiot who not only can't see that he's a homophobic bigot, but also doesn't know flag code. Protip, using the flag as an article of clothing is considered disrespectful.

>latest Linux technology
>based on Slackware
Please pick one.

It's a real shame, but I don't bother buying games off anymore. Steam might use and allow publishers to use their own DRM on top of that, but is the only games store that respects my choice to use Linux. We've always been an afterthought, but with GOG, it's becoming even worse. There are ways to do it better, but they just don't care, so I don't care about supporting them.

They were still expensive, $1.49 a pound (approximately between 1.5 and 2.5 apples), but still, what luck! They were hella good, by the by.

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Last night at work, I was watching a Brutal Moose video about the new apple variety Cosmic Crisp, and I really wanted to try it. Lo and behold, I go into Kroger this morning, and they're on sale! I didn't think I'd be able to try them for years! Holy shit, what a coincidence.

Soon, it will once again be time for America's favorite game show, Is This Laundry Still Wet or Just Cold?, starring the nation's greatest medical professional, me!

PSA: If you can't live without Photoshop or another piece of software, you are in chains. Don't even pirate Adobe's software, you're just helping to perpetuate abuse.

Ubunchu anime adaptation NOW! is needed now more than ever!

If you think drug addicts should just be allowed to overdose, then I think you would dissolve on contact with hand soap. Absolutely disgusting.

Attention developers who don't want to develop for because there are so many distros! There are three universal packaging formats, Snap, Flatpak, and Appimage. JUST FUCKING PICK ONE. Any desktop distro worth using as a daily driver will be able to run all three of these.

The thing is, I'm sure any developer on Mastodon is probably already on and/or developing for Linux, so I'm basically just screaming into the void here. ;w;

Conservatives really do love their nothingburgers, huh?

Individualist freedom is a lie. Even if you go out in the woods and live off the land (and don't die of an infection), you're still a slave to your circumstances. The only way to transcend the cosmic horror of an uncaring universe is cooperation with the only (known and confirmed) entities that could possibly care about you: other people.

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