Help! I am way behind on my story, but $otherstory has its claws in my brain and won't let go :(

@aldersprig Ughhhh, no, it's super broken and I put it aside years ago for good reasons.

@eskay8 ooh, one of those. Can you spend a couple hundred words on it to convince it to go back to sleep?

@eskay8 Take 30 and write down as much about it as you can, then firmly tell it that it can have its turn later?

@kittychandler @eskay8 Or just tally the words from your other story to your NaNo count, because words are words!

@eskay8 Go with the one that pulls you in. Chance are it'll do the same to the reader.

@eskay8 You're just going to have to find a way of joining the two stories to make it all count.

(The other suggestions you've had are far more sensible. I suggest you listen to those people instead of me.)

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