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Hypothesis: whatever your aesthetic, it's somewhere in the multidimensional space of .
Challenge: Use @_joelsimon's ganbreeder.app to find yours.

I appreciate all of your festive Thanksgiving pet photos

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if your avi is a photograph of a celebrity there there is a 50% chance that i dont know who it is and just assume that that's what you look like

5% of the online traffic to the Tampa Bay Times' website ID to their mugshot page.

Good morning! We've got record breaking cold temperatures here and I am displeased. Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans.

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How do I add captions to images in tootdon? I can’t figure it out.

Snow!!! 😁😁❄️🌨️

It snowed a decent amount here (~15cm) overnight, and traffic's crawling. I am filled with unreasonable excitement.

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Life / job stuff (+) 

Signed an offer for a new job today. It starts in Jan, and I applied to it literally 13 months ago*, so I feel more relief/fatigue than success?

But still, yay.

* It's with the 🇨🇦feds, and their hiring is sloooooow. But mostly very fair. But. Slow.

Morning, shop. Accidentally poured coffee into the mug I had been using for tea last night instead of a clean mug 😅 Luckily it was apple cinnamon flavoured tea so it actually tastes fine.

Family being awesome 

Last night my parents came over and helped me install a ceiling lamp that they literally made (as in, I complained to my mom about the room being dark and then hours later she texted me a photo of a shade that was on sale for like $12 and said "dad says he can make a lamp out of this out of materials he already has") and now it's so much brighter in the part of the room and it's starting to look like a real room instead of just a place that happens to have our stuff in it 😁

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Thrilled to work out that I can clean off the grimy speckled dirt on our new kitchen’s laminate with an iron, a wet cloth, and a stiff brush. It’s slow work (will probably be a few weeks before I finish the whole thing) but happy I didn’t need to go out and buy an increasingly strong series of detergents.

Morning, shop. Making waffles. 😁🥞

(I know those are pancakes but there's no waffle emoji, wtf)

What's a good mastodon client for an iPad?

USpol, twitter 

I'm hiding from Twitter until after the midterms

I ordered myself another tea advent calendar :3

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