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Kate Cook @eskay8@wandering.shop

3 guesses who didn't realize she has a meeting at 9 tomorrow that she isn't prepped for~~

--> this girl <--


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Hey everyone, reminder that I'm taking on editing, writing, and tech clients! I'll help you do anything from write your TTRPG rules to fixing your servers. And you'll help me continue to exist in this hellscape we call capitalism! scrivian.com/

Bloody hell, my hosting provider doubled its (previously very low) prices and I didn't think to double check before I paid for another year 😑

@phildini wait. I can just get it from the toot. Never mind!

@phildini is there a way to download the custom emojis? Barring that, can I get a copy of the image you used for :oh_no: ? I want to add it to my work's slack :)

Have a job interview (via skype) coming up next monday. Trying not to think about it too hard, I have things to do! 😅

@hummingrain Do you like your coworking space? Would you recommend it? Someone on Metafilter is looking for one: ask.metafilter.com/319281/Grea

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Black panther is great FYI.

Oh hey, the shop is 2 users away from 1000! 😁

I wonder if this weekend's houseguest wants to go see black panther 🤣

Ok enough writing. Back to murderbots

There's a chapter in this WIP that's just called 'DRAGON' 😂

Too bad I have ~15k words to go before I get there.

Been lucking out on novellas lately (a format that I usually don't love). 3 recommendations:

I gobbled up the Tensorate novellas by JY Yang last week; they are lovely (although I disagree about the "they can be read in any order!" -- time exists and is a thing >:( )

Right now I'm reading All Systems Red by Martha Wells and it's hilarious. The voice is great. It's narrated in first person by a grumpy sarcastic semi-organic security construct thing.

Science whine: publishing is the worst 😭 😱

I suppose I shouldn't assume everyone is in north american timezones.... 😅

Hey shop!

I'm pooped. But in between meetings/seminars I got some work done and made a little progress.

How are y'all doing this afternoon/evening?

Morning, shop. Busy today. Best of 💖 to you all.

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