Purchased Tales of Berseria and it is everything I love about JRPGs in one game. It's amazing how refreshing the genre can feel by switching to live combat vs turn-based.

I have never felt older than I have when trying to navigate the Amino app.

I am so ridiculously excited for the Movie tonight.

The only safe way to transfer data is grabbing floppy discs from teenage boys in dark alleys while you ride a skateboard.


Whoa. Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince series is available as ebooks. Now I can quit wearing out my old paper back copies!

I love my new Pop Socket so much I don’t even care that it doesn’t really match my case.

Bloodlines is $1.99 in the US Kindle store right now. Claudia Grey is my favorite of the current Star Wars authors so if you’re looking for something to get you ready for The Last Jedi I highly recommend it.

So I'm using a spare iPhone case while I wait for my new one to arrive and, uh, I've completely forgotten how to hold my phone without a Pop Socket.

Oops. Probably wasn't supposed to see it until Christmas but I found a signed copy of Provenance by @ann_leckie in the closet while I was digging around for a sweatshirt.

Good morning, Shop!

Spouse and I are heading to Chicago this weekend. Anyone know if the cast there is still doing the Ham4Ham stuff?

Twitter, white supremacists, halfway decent news 

Omg there’s a new Marissa Meyer book out and nobody told me.

I had no idea they still existed but it looks AOL is shutting down the forums.

CompuServe was my first glimpse at the online world back in the early 90’s. It blew my mind.

76104,233 for life, baby!


@escapistreads And wow. Not sure what happened with that link. May have to switch away from Tootle

Man. I was really looking forward to Battlefront II and then EA (I know,
I know) had to go and destroy multiplayer with a blatant crash grab. n-ea-fix-whats-broken-with-star-wars-battlefront-iis-economy/

Ok folks. I need a nudge if I'm finally going to start Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books. Do I really want to commit to 3000 plus pages???

Past: Sure, boss, I'll start at 5am. Off at 2. It'll be great!

Current: Omg it's so early what have I done

Been playing with the iOS Mastodon clients and . So far Tootdon is winning because mainly because it seems to support custom instance emoji.

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