@eilatan Amazing, yes. Also incredibly terrible to do as a person.

@Richard_ermen Agreed. It sounds like once they got started, they just couldn't make themselves stop.

I hope they're able to channel that energy into a work of fiction--China is the biggest market in the world for speculative fiction and I can't imagine something that detailed wouldn't sell reasonably well.

@eilatan Its a weird thing though. The positive reactions, the claim "I couldn't stop". Every time they continued was a conscious decision. I mean, ten years don't just go by like nothing.


@Richard_ermen Makes me wonder what their offline life is like, honestly. If they weren't getting a whole lot of validation or interest from their offline family and friends, I could see this happening.

Reminds me of people faking their deaths online or (oh lord, this is gonna age me) Kaycee Nicole. Münchausen by Internet, I think it is?

@Richard_ermen Yeah, I remember watching it all happen in real time--or as real as you could get by refreshing MeFi over and over again.

@eilatan I remember just ahving gotten internet and Diablo 2 back then and how wild of a space the internet was back then and raiding blogs and reading this stuff from people ALL over.

@Richard_ermen It was definitely a different environment than what we have now. I've been writing online continuously since 1999, but in a lot of different places so things are...scattered or no longer exist.

@eilatan I think we're still in the throes of the democritization of media social life in a way. A lot of what is currently existing or used to write or collect will scatter as well and I do not even dare imagine what we'll use 20 years down the line. But its exciting, thats for sure ^^

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