It has literally taken me over an HOUR to 1) set site to standard template and 2) configure fucking standard template to just show me a single page.

I have managed to: delete my page content, completely fuck up the layout, change the header at random, failed to modify the header as I wanted to, and given the fuck up.

And now it's literally not letting me delete plugins.

I. HATE. WORDPRESS. It is actively user-hostile at this point.

And I don't *dare* delete Jetpack, bloated piece of shit that it is, because I know that if I do, it's just going to nag me to install it.

Not that Jetpack actually helped when someone injected a bunch of malicious code via an exploit in my template. And the template company--that I gave money to--never issued an update or even mentioned that there was a vulnerability.

I don't know WHO at WordPress is drinking the block editor Kool-Aid, but Christ on a cracker, it is literally the worst editor I have ever used in my life. "I don't recognize this combination of paragraphs and unordered lists that you've pasted into me, so I'm just going to delete everything after the first paragraph, hope you have it saved somewhere!


@eilatan jesus fucking christ i hate blocks with a fiery passion. the only thing that's keeping me on wordpress is comments—none of the solutions currently available for static sites quite fit my needs.

i'm currently using the Disable Gutenberg plugin ( and the Twenty Fifteen theme.

@nev Whereas I was getting a TON of harassment via comments after I said bad words at George R.R. Martin, so I shut comments down completely. Like how does WP not have built-in comment moderation? Why was I having to use a plugin for that?

I'm working on moving off WP entirely and the first step was creating a page to list the posts I'm keeping (the rest I've archived off the site). And it took me all fucking evening.

@nev I got doxxed! It was awesome! I got texts while I was in the hospital recovering from sepsis that I was a lying whore and that there was no way I was as sick as I said I was!

That was almost 2 years ago. People are still harassing me about saying mean things about George. Still.

@eilatan in this economy?? it's 2022 i didn't think even GRRM fans liked GRRM any more.

@nev it’s science fiction fandom. How dare a mere fan such as myself call GRRM onto the carpet for not bothering to learn how to pronounce Hugo finalists’ names and make us sit through a million year long ceremony that was a lot of him looking back on the good old days?

@eilatan 'You'll get used to it'. Not in this lifetime.

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