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A quick !

I’m Natalie and I’m a and cyborg who lives in . I’m currently a but I used to be a .

I survived in 2018 and have lots of complications, including and . I complain about medical costs a lot, but I love my .

I’m also a , , and I’ve lost the twice. I read a lot of .

Take THAT, radio button CSS. I have DEFEATED you in fair combat.


OH at my house: "Cat, will you leave my butt alone?!"

The US banned Hawaiian language, poisos our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence. #July4





"O, yes,
I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath—
America will be!"

Happy Independence Day. I hope Mr. Hughes would still swear his oath today, more than twice as many years after Emancipation as when he wrote it.

I’ve converted the posts I’m planning to keep from my old blog to markdown and I’ve been playing with 11ty. At least I’ve made some progress there.

But now, it is time for bed. Even though people have starred shooting off fireworks already.

Happy PTSD and pets freaking out day, everyone.

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I have not had a good few days knitting. Pulled out an old project from before I got sick and discovered holes in it near the beginning and had to rip back to the end of the first section when I was nearly at the end of section 4 (of 5 total sections). Weirdly enough, it was only the gray yarn that was broken in places, not the variegated. So…I’m more or less starting over and leaving the shorter lengths of gray for the end, if I need them.


New post! Almost 3k words on a bunch of meta/tech stuff. Mostly noodling for myself, but hey, y'all might be interested, too.

Today I learned that the collective noun for jellyfish is smack. As in: a smack of jellyfish. I find this DELIGHTFUL.

And here are some better pictures of the project I just finished. It's the Mutual Admiration Society shawl, from a kit I bought several years ago. The gray yarn is Miss Babs Yowza and the blue and purple are Neighborhood Fiber Co's merino/cashmere sock yarn. I loved working with both. I still need to block this, so it's gonna get even bigger.

I finished my mosaic knit shawl! With a cat in my lap so of course I had to drape it over him like a little blanket.

The (in my circles at least famously) non-binary creator of the recent She-Ra reboot is going by Nate now, and here's a comic where he talks about this:

The "and this is... uh" "uh" part reminds me real hard of my own name feelings around 2014-2015.

Y’all, ST:SNW S1E8 just about killed me. In a good way but a storybook episode shouldn’t end with me SOBBING dammit.

In other news, the writers room for ST:SNW has just incredible range.

(Also I neeeeeeed more Captain Angel chewing up the scenery. Need it like I need air and water.)

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