arranged from sour to sweet varieties. pick ur worme

apples study......i wanted to put an applin in each one but i think i dont wanna

got myself a 32oz water bottle to keep at my desk and drinking out of it makes me feel like a little mouse

food, pda 

bout to make the worlds most obnoxious egg in a hole for my wife

I’ve been working on a cute sweater but the pattern writing is atrocious and riddled with errors, 0/10 would not recommend

IMO if you have mistakes in your pattern....and/or if your pattern is only available in 3 should just put it up for free

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Rly gotta start knitting faster bc the weather is getting colder and I don’t have enough sweaters

starting to emotionally recover from the hospital visit by now, so I’m hoping to spend today enjoying myself and taking care of some housework and errands


hash for me and olive oil fried eggs for me wife

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mm made a breakfast hash for lunch with leftover potato/carrot/boiled egg salad + additional scrambled eggs, tomato, ketchup, and fontina all hashed and melted together

also had it with a chicken kale sausage but that part was kind of gross. I won’t be buying any meat replacement anymore lol...every kind I’ve tried is gross to me

but the hash was great!

pokemon swsh 

I also bred about 20 snoms but couldn’t get the nature I wanted....the parent frosmoth was in a luxury ball tho so now I am sending 20 luxury snoms to lucky players everywhere

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pokemon swsh 

I also bred about 3 dreepies before I realized that my dragapult that i had been breeding with was already the perfect nature so...throwing out 3 dreeps into the void as well!

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pokemon swsh 

bred like 15 applins in search of The One to evolve into appletun (which I got, her name is jam), so now I’m wonder trading a dozen little apples around the world


weird combo, but egg salad with kimchi actually slaps

health scare 

spent the whole day holding my partners hand at the hospital trying to not think too hard about love grief and mortality πŸ’ƒπŸ»

we r fine and safe but like...thursday! what a concept

Named my galarian farfetchd HatsuneLeeku and it exactly fit the character limit

started watching shera 

listen. I kno scorpia is a woman but u can’t tell me she doesn’t embody pure undiluted himbo energy

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