ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

ginger's tech opinions: 

anyway please stop men from doing any more tech things thank u

ginger's tech opinions: 

all sites and apps should have a CW ability

news sites, discord chat, streaming sites...

bring back forum avatars thank u i loved dressing up my gaia girl

ginger’s tech opinions: 

most Gamers(tm) or Tech Bros are just hellish nerd men who think that because they were bullied by other men it somehow exempts them from misogyny

ginger’s tech opinions: 

anyway abolish follower counts and fax machines thank u

"just make your own fork"
"just add this [git link]"
"just switch to [other fedi thing]"
"put this [code] in the dev box"

ur not listening to me:

a tech podcast or whatever for and by someone who doesn’t understand tech called “what the tech”

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