My bunny, tasty soup, decided she didn't want to go to bed so she's stayed in mine. She's stretched out completely flat next to me, pressed until my tummy and chest, and keeps dreaming. Her head keeps twitching, ears flicking around, paws scrunching up and extending. She keeps letting out the occasional sigh

I cannot begin to tell you how rare this is for a bunny to behave this way. By their nature they are extremely wary, even of people they know. Not many will fully relax around people or outside of their enclosure, moving the moment you do. But hardly any will fully relax enough to actually go to sleep not only in the presence of a person, but while being petted and cuddled 😭

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@iconography 😭I remember mine snuggling up, but never actually sleeping like that. So pure.

@edebill snuggling up is an absolute blessing in itself! So many people never get that 😭


@iconography I was too young to realize how special it was. Petunia was huge and formidable, so maybe she didn’t need to trust so much.

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