every single person on single cooking related show ever made:
"i grew up in a (literally any ethnicity) family so food was very important to us"


"I grew up in a transhumanist family, so keeping our flesh-prisons alive until mind-uploading became available was very important to us."

@taweret If I ever write a cookbook it'll start : "I grew up in a Scandinavian family, so other culture's foods were very important to us, because we sure as hell weren't going to eat Scandinavian food."

"...Anyway here's how to make some tacos or something."


@apLundell @taweret @hummingrain I grew up in a German/Swedish family and my most treasured family recipe is... spaghetti sauce. It was absolutely conveyed with a sense of irony. The other is a recipe for rolls gleaned from a neighbor. Third up? Enchiladas recipe my grandma got from an Old El Paso can and a Mexican girlfriend dubbed “gringo enchiladas” and stole for feeding her family.

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