3 day weekend has begun. Goals for the weekend: get replacement seeds sown, plant up sweet pea and strawberry seedlings, read a book or two, and chill chill chill. Have not yet fully recovered from last week, and next week I’m on call, so this is the time.

I've been using Safari on my work computer for a while, and I'm really coming to love the way it replaces the bookmarks bar with a bookmarks sidebar with a handy open/close button. All my screens are much wider than tall, so saving vertical space is much more important than saving horizontal (same reason I put the dock on the side)

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TFW your rails micro service has a p50 of 7ms, and p95 of 16ms. Ruby and rails have come a long way from the slow old days.

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Texas water/freeze 

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Texas freeze, sick cat, generally + 

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Just released "Composting!!" A creatively named #podcast episode about #garden #composting mostly an overview of what its all about. buzzsprout.com/501553/7894990

The garage has been sitting right around freezing. I suspect that means I have to sow all my tomatoes and peppers and such over again, save for that one big tray of marigolds. If I had thought ahead I might have moved the tenderest seedlings into the main house where we have more insulation.

Heading into another night with no power, but it is over 10F warmer outside, so hopefully the house won’t get so cold over night. The last two mornings it was 50F when I woke up. We got up to a balmy 56F during the late afternoon. The water heater just kicked into life and made a lot of noise, but still no hot water 😞

Going into day two without power. We still have water and gas, but the hot water stopped over night. Hoping that doesn’t turn into a burst pipe later on. Yesterday the city said they thought power would come back on this afternoon.

FUCK I put it in my office and closed the door. It got out and Fox caught it. It is still alive and I have towels stuffed under the door to stop another escape.

This little guy couldn’t fly. Not sure if it was just the cold/exhaustion or a window strike. Our power is out but it is still a lot warmer inside. I don’t have any bird cages any more, but the cat carrier will at least keep the cats out.

I absolutely shoveled snow to clear a path to the bird feeders and a landing place for birds to feed on the ground.

Austin energy says the power outage may continue until tomorrow afternoon.

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