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The demon appeared in the summoning circle.
"Cool!" one of the astronauts said.
"We have summoned you," the other said, "to carry a message to Earth."
The demon glared at them. "Where. Am. I."
"In orbit. Tell Ground Control we are okay, but the solar storm killed our radios."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Sadly, it turns out Dog’s vocabulary isn’t quite good enough to communicate “my litter robot is malfunctioning and I need to pee” quickly enough to avoid messes. In his defense, I’m told he definitely made the effort.

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In all the years of feeding the possums, this is the first time we’ve seen one with a baby on its back.

I just finished Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant and I will not be going on a cruise any time soon. I may avoid swimming in natural bodies of water. Baths may be right out. Very hungry mermaids are terrifying.

Good morning, shop.

I’m hoping your Friday is only the pleasant sort of eventful. Personally, I think Thursday was more than eventful enough to see me to the weekend.

Fuuuuuck. More folks dead. More scary. We are solidly into killing off people I care about.

I am reading Into The Drowning Deep and I am about 1/3 of the way in and the first character just died. Oh boy. I am so glad I’m not reading this on a cruise, or in fact on any body of water. The dark outside is bad enough.

Morning, shop.

I’ve had a bit too much social time lately, but I think I now have a nice stretch with no commitments outside of work. Work is a bit nuts because we have visitors from out of town this week for a massive recruiting thing.

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Is "happywashing" a good way of describing Disney's habit of altering stories with grim endings into more positive outcomes? :blobhyperthink:

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Hi, fedifrens. On the 29th, I'm riding in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS along with a few other members of UA Unified, Under Armour's LGBTQ+ culture club. The HCRA benefits 9 central Texas organizations that benefits those affected by AIDS and HIV. If you can, please donate and/or share this? I'm trying to raise $250. Thanks.

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In other news, I’m enthralled with Sam Sykes’s new book Seven Blades in Black. I don’t want to put it down because I want so badly to know what happens next. So far I’m half way through and it has just been relentless in the best possible way. Val and I were talking and we’re hoping he sticks the landing because this feels like it might be award-worthy.

Morning, shop.

It’s Friday. Hopefully a bog standard work day, after which we’re heading to The Woodlands for in-law birthday celebrations. I’ll have to wait another week for a really restful weekend.

On call person didn’t answer when paged at 3:00AM. Back up didn’t answer. The ENTIRE REST OF THE TEAM did. I’m curious to see how this plays out at work today. By all rights we could all stay home until lunch time.

I swear that Whispersync is now a one way thing. The Audible app picks up changes from kindle, but Kindle never gets them the other direction.

Back to the office today. Judging by my inbox it was an eventful week while I was gone. I’m looking forward to hearing about that, even if it would be nice to stay home with the cats for another couple days.

The vegetable garden is coming along. Tomatoes, tomatillos, and strawberries all blooming. The artichoke I’ve been nursing along for a couple years is producing for the first time. It’s also covered in ladybugs and wasps, so I guess the bugs like it?

Just watched a white wing dove puke on my patio.

This is in reaction to something on birdsite, so no one here.

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