Fox just had to wait to get breakfast while I stacked up 32 days worth of cat food. Torture!

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sick, work 

Finished reading Silver by Linda Nagata. Book 2 in her inverted frontier series. I liked it every bit as much as I did the first. Lots of weird nanotechnology, uploaded consciousnesses and dramatic events.

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@janellecshane i'll add to the chorus of fans. i've also got a list of noise generators here:

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I see mods suspending racist sexist dipshits all the time, but I hardly ever see racist sexist dipshits in my tl. I often confirm the racist-sexist-dipshittedness of these people for myself when a mod announces a suspense, and indeed, they are *always* racist sexist dipshits.

So thank you, mods, for so vigilantly suspending the racist sexist dipshits, that I barely realize they exist on here.

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Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

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reverse Monster Hunter where we play as monsters and we attack hunters to protect the environment.

instead of getting better weapons from their skin, we get an improved ecosystem (more animals&plants&clear water etc.) and that makes us stronger. that's the grind, instead of bigger armour you watch your forest flourish more and more. this also attracts worse hunters, creating the difficulty curve.

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If it constantly happens, it's not isolated incidents, it's systemic!

If police constantly kills POC, it's #SystemicRacism!

If a political party is full of nazis, it's a nazi-party!

If your fediverse instance is full of nazis, it's not a #FreeSpeech instance, it's a nazi instance!

If #GAFAM is constantly in the news for data leaks it's not data leaks, it's #SurveillanceCapitalism!

If there are weather extremes on a daily basis, it's not the weather, it's the #ClimateCrisis!

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we all got ushered off stage at the end of the song and i was just dancing even more expressively than usual making my way around the crowd and hollering with people coming up to me like it's you... i'm like. i can't believe it right

It’s one of those weird mornings when the nature sounds of the dawn chorus compete with traffic sounds and (unusually) someone screaming in the distance. Should I be blissed our to the sounds of cardinals and wrens? Annoyed? Concerned?

Dozing off while drinking my morning coffee. Not sure that’s a good sign for the week.

Counted the rings one the stump of one of the trees I cut down last week. I swear it kind of just jumped up. I was doing a good job keeping them in check until a few years ago. 12 rings.

They arrived and are in the ground now. They each look like a little stick stuck in the ground. Least impressive thing ever.

Our fruit trees are supposed to arrive today shortly after noon. Given I haven’t gotten supports in place and there’s even a couple plants that need to be transplanted out of the way I suspect there’s a full day of yard work in my future.

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vengeance levels are critical

(07%) ■□□□□□□□□□

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