Saturday began with 4 hours of car fuckery. Val drove over a spike and had a flat at 6:30. I ended up changing the tire for the donut, taking the flat one to the dealer (only place with matching tires in stock) and then swapping the new tire for the donut. Total time just over 4 hours, though once I got the hang of the little jack I think the second tire swap only took 10-15 minutes.

Sitting here looking at my pecan tree, which is dying in pieces as squirrels strip the bark from different branches. I think I have to just put it out of its misery this year after all.

Welcome to fall! Looks like August decided to stick around for an extra few weeks.

Yesterday I acquired a bunch of pressure treated lumber for a project. It all feels a bit damp. Should I give it time to dry and offgas before I start using it? The project is a chest and it would suck if the planks shrank a bunch after being put together.

Wordle 460 3/6* 

Wordle 460 3/6*


The lucky streak continues.

Logging into my tech/professional twitter for the first time in ages and it’s crickets because I haven’t added any new follows to make up for folks who’ve stopped tweeting. A stark contrast to my more actively maintained other account.

Contrast this with my Facebook which still seems pretty active despite me hardly touching it for years.

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On this day in 1859, Joshua Abraham Norton declared himself "Norton I, Emperor of the United States."

I know we're not into royalty and empires much on fedi but I feel like we could make an exception for Emperor Norton.

Fox doesn’t understand why he can’t lick my cheeseburger.

1500 books in my kindle library, 50 or so have highlights, and most of those it looks like the highlights were accidental.

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I just set up the kindle highlights plugin for Obsidian and now I wish I'd been highlighting more as I read. Up until now highlighting things in kindle was kind of a dead end - not useful to me unless I went into the kindle app, opened the specific book and tried to view highlights. Now... I can highlight and those passages get pulled out and integrated with might notes. My intent is that I will then be better able to integrate them with everything else I'm doing.

Wordle 456 2/6 

Wordle 456 2/6


Two days in a row feels a bit ridiculous

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Wordle 455 2/6* 

Wordle 455 2/6*


I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket.

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help me debug emojis -- emoji spam -- boosts welcome 

alright fuckers, can you see these god damn emojis??? can you???

:minecraft_creeper_explode: :system_shock_shodan: :internet_explorer: :minion_shocked: :msn_blush: :microsoft_dos:

if you can’t, and can only see the shortcodes, you gotta let me know, pinky promise

Low 60s this morning. I got to break out the cold weather bath robe. We can pretend that fall is coming for a few hours.

covid ment 

Quick test before going to see mom in the hospital, just in case those weren't allergies this morning. Negative. Just the usual mold and grass pollen.

10-15 years ago I transplanted a 6” tall burr oak seedling that had come up too close to the house. Today it’s 15’ tall, has shaded out my old vegetable garden, and I just spotted the first acorn on it.

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