spousal health (+) 

Val’s home. Continuing antibiotics for pneumonia, but otherwise all clear.


I just caught myself about to start eating jerky before a dentist appointment. Obviously my mind is not really in the game.

storage unit, rain damage 

Just spent 6 hours going through our storage unit because the rain Thursday morning flooded into it. Lots of soggy stuff, and me wanting to just pitch lots of things and Val wanting to carefully sort things, set things aside for Goodwill, etc. All complicated by a lot of the stuff having belonged to her late brother and thus being all emotionally triggery. Emotional as well as physical labor.

We no longer have a rain gauge, but reports say we got just shy of 4” of rain last night. Waiting for the sun to come up to see if there was any damage. If there was it’ll probably be floppy plants, but the tomatoes might have fallen over and that would be pretty bad.

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No matter what RPG you're playing, you can use this checklist NPC to introduce The Gambler.

Don't worry about how to get rid of them. They know when to walk away.

h/t @paulczege

Had back to back to back meetings for most of the morning and afternoon. I took advantage of an afternoon break to go for a walk and decided to skip the podcasts and audiobooks I normally listen to during walks. I think it left space for me to think about things. Maybe it needs to become part of my practice.

After essentially no rain for 6 weeks at the end of the summer, we've now had it ~ 3 times in two weeks. It's been raining for the last couple hours and we're supposed to get a tropical storm out of the Pacific hitting us on Thursday. I guess this is going to be one of those wet falls that everything loves.

I'm using a Pilot Vanishing Point for my work notes today, and I must say I'd forgotten how satisfying the *chunk* sound of the mechanism is as you extend the nib to start making a note and retract it when you're done.

avian eye contact 

We had an unusual visitor to the feeders and bird bath just now.

A Cooper's hawk.

Given I saw a DIFFERENT Cooper's hawk earlier (a juvenile!) maybe we've got a family hanging around.

Winter veg planted. Mostly. There’s still garlic and lettuce, but the garlic should wait a few weeks and I think the lettuce is waiting for the fall tomatoes and melons to get out of the way. @plants

New Leverage episodes. Evening sorted. Except maybe what to eat for dinner.

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Val’s been asleep all day on the couch. Fox has been taking advantage periodically

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PSA: If #ADHD strategies and coping methods work for you, please use them without sweating whether you have the diagnosis or not.

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As a programmer, you'll inevitably end up struggling with special characters.

...There's just no escaping it.
(source: old.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerDad )

food (non-veg) 

Every once in a while I like to cook a meal that’s more than just one thing. Tonight it was boiled potatoes, glazed carrots, and baby back ribs. Not fancy and I whiffed a couple things, but it was great to plan it out and put it all together.

The first rain in weeks and I am here for it.

Didn’t finish the fries. Will probably regret finishing as much as I did, but the Diablo Burger was tasty and something I would probably not have thought to order myself.

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Excited to maybe get some measurable rain for the first time in a month or so.

I ordered a burger via Favor and my order arrived with an UberEats receipt. It was not my order. Someone ordered a huge thing of green Chile cheese fries and a burger so loaded the put the second half pound patty off to the side with the egg on top. Challenge accepted.

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