TFW you come back from a week of vacation and learn that builds have been failing for TWO weeks.


I got to visit our local botanical garden (Zilker Botanical Gardens) today. My time slot was to enter at 9:00, and I think I was the only visitor then. A bunch of folks showed up at 10:00, but by then I was ready to leave. Lots of things looking scorched after the August heat. I got to see a bunch of big mature versions of some of the things I’ve been planting, as well as some surprises like 6 foot tall ginger plants planted in the ground. I wanted to ask if they have to dig them up in winter...

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Today is TREE DAY I am so excited I am going to have TREES AGAIN omg

Brace yourself for TREE PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!

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QAnon is GamerGate for people who think video games are for children.

Potting up some salvia cuttings I rooted. Some Salvia ‘COOL Fandango’, Salvia ‘amistad’, and one lonely little Plumbago ‘Imperial Blue’.

Owing to a bad location, squirrels kept breaking bits off of one of my salvia, and I couldn’t resist trying to root them all. I already had so many I realized I would have a monoculture if I didn’t take some other cuttings.

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Consider supporting and my work by buying my "Coffee goes in, Weird comes out" hoodie.


Maybe 1.2 tons of patio limestone placed today. There is now a paved path (however narrow) all the way from the back door to the little patio area at the far end of the yard. My back is killing me, but rain from tropical storm beta should help these settle in and the grass grow up around them.

10 or 15 years ago I bought a salvia at the farmer’s market. No idea what kind. I planted it under the oak and it survived. About 3 years ago it started to spread into the space in front of the tree. This year it is about a 10x10’ patch that is entirely solid. I keep trying and failing to catch the effect of all the scarlet blossoms suspended above the plants and buzzing with pollinators.

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Relative Speed and Distance

The speed of reading is not the same as the speed of writing. 

There are many metaphors for the shape of a story, but the one that recently resonated with me is the image of an accordion—the completed story is the instrument at rest, and the experience of the story, whether by the author or the reader, is the i

Question for folks who are doing daily virtual stand up meetings: How do you decide what order people go in?

We've got as many as 17 people in a stand up and by the end of it we're forgetting who has or hasn't gone. I'd love it if we had something that worked "automatically".

I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that the possum chowing down outside completely ignored my “take your meds and get ready for bed” alarm.

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PSA: JoAnn has gryphon skeletons. 12" long, currently $6.50. Slightly atypical hind paws but still more plausible than the bat skeletons that include ears (and don't even get me started on the spider skeletons).

I will say this: I don’t get the how someone can identify as trans, but since Dylan came out as trans he has been so much happier than before. I don’t have to “get” it. The proof is in the pudding, and he’s happier than he was before. It’s been years. This is not a passing fad.

I have ordered a replacement for the apple tree that died this summer (always add them to the drip right away so you don’t forget!), a fig, 2 more blackberries, and a pineapple guava. This is all preorder for the bare root season December - February. Between this, several hundred fall planted bulbs, and 2 tons of patio limestone waiting to be installed I seem to have signed myself for a lot of manual labor once the weather cools down.

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I *think* the oven trick has worked for my Prismacolor pencils. I tested both pencils this morning and they didn't crack, crumble and break, so that's good.

This works for wax pencils:
1. put your oven onto the lowest setting (for me this was 140 degrees)
2. put your pencils on a piece of tin foil and put them in the oven. (I didn't wait for the oven to get really hot)
3. leave them in there for 5 minutes.
4. let the pencils completely cool down (overnight for me, but I'm guessing a couple of hours otherwise).
5. test them and hopefully they will have been fixed!

Note: the place I got the info from said 100 degrees for 10 minutes, but as my oven didn't go that low, I did 5 mins. If you have an oven that goes down to 100 degrees, try 8-10 minutes.

#SunDIY #AdultColouring #GwenfarColours

It was well over an hour longer until finished. Almost 3 hours total. Now I have an HR-V.

Having completed the relatively quick and occasionally fun “test drive” part of buying a car, I’m now sitting around while we grind through the actual transactional bits. At least it is a big dealership building and everyone has been good about keeping distance and wearing masks.

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