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Gratuitous use of the F word 

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I was used to felines twining around my ankles, tails flicking the hem of my skirts.
Purring, chittering, sometimes yelling; excitedly, demanding or both.

They knew it was safe here.
I never turned a single one away, no matter what.
My island, however they reached it, was a safe haven.

One day a water-lioness washed ashore.
I healed her wounds and built her a den.

It got a little awkward when SHE tried to twine around my ankles.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

go home, carrot. you’re drunk. 

So it turns out that if you don’t have other plants to help hold them up, cosmos bippinatus needs supports. Especially when the goldfinches try to land on them.

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Friendly reminder that art is not a commodity (like capitalism tries to tell you it is) and everyone can make art :bob_ross:

TL;DR making art is :valid: :praxis_100:

feline eye contact 

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so! there's an open room in my apartment in Somerville MA available 9/1! rent is $950/month. the available bedroom has a parking space and a walk in closet! i like this apartment a lot, it's a nice place. it has its own free laundry, a good sized kitchen, and a dishwasher! a more official writeup with pictures and more details is in the link.

please boost this post, and message me if you have any interest in the room, thanks :blobcatheart: :boost_requested:

Day 1 of big planting weekend complete. I pulled most of the old tomato plants, planted 10 new ones plus some odds and ends I’d started earlier in the year. Problem: municipal compost bin is now very full. Hopefully everything wilts down so the sod I take up tomorrow can fit.

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"Who do you spin the sun-light into silk for?"

"Myself," she replied.

"For whom do you make this dress for?"


"For whom do you pluck stars to put in you hair for? A lucky gentleman?"


"For whom do you trim rainbows to make paint for your trimmed nails and smiling lips? A lucky gentlelady?"


"Then who are you putting in all this effort for?"

"Myself," she reminded, donning a mask and gloves to go to the store.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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In recent years the way we've come to understand animals and the existence of culture has evolved in interesting new ways.

There's now evidence that a dialect of white throated sparrow song has spreaded across the continent due to populations in western Canada overwintering with populations in central Canada.

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java feels like if the sunk cost fallacy was a programming language

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People often sound very confident, especially online, even when they're incorrect. Avoid the trap of confusing someone's confidence with them knowing of what they speak.

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Goat Rodeo released their second album, which is called "Not Our First Goat Rodeo" which may be one of the most perfect album titles ever.

Tonight I doused myself in DEET and sat out and read as the sun set, and was rewarded by a visit from our local raccoon family.

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Once upon a time, way back in 1985, an artist named Mike Saenz thought he could use his shiny new Macintosh Plus to draw comics. In MacPaint, a simple B&W paint program that predated the concept of "layers". With a mouse. These B&W images then had what looked like watercolors overlaid on them to print the final, full-color comic. It looked something like this:

Narratively, it was a bunch of c...

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feline eye contact 

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#2327 "Oily House Index" 

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Wonderful coworkers wrote a script during our most recent internal hackathon to change your existing git repo from 'master' to 'main' or whatever you want to call it.

77F and very humid, forecast high of 96 and cloudy all day - meaning the humidity should stay. I’m really not liking this new weather pattern.

It got hot enough outside that I had to close the final window. This means I can't hear the birds any more and the house sounds obnoxiously silent.

That's why I'm playing a 2 hour long ambient recording I made of the dawn chorus a few weeks ago. It is amazingly seamless and almost disorienting to hear my exact familiar bird song when I know the window is closed.

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