Gonna meet up with some former coworkers for dinner next week for the first time in over a year or that we’re all vaxxed. The email thread setting it up started in July 2019.

feline sabotage 

This morning I realized that when Smudge tried to lie down on my keyboard I pushed the keyboard back to make room for her. This pushed my microphone back so it got too close to the speakers and folks started to get feedback during meetings. I spent a day and a half working with a headset because of that.

work (-) 

Nothing like a round of ROLLBACK! ROLLBACK! ROLLBACK! to add some spice to a Monday.

Fox is the best watch-cat. Mainly meaning he never wakes us up.

If you are in Austin, the weather is sublime and you should go outside and enjoy it.

Today there was a downy woodpecker feeding her fledgling in the pear tree. I’ve never seen woodpecker fledglings before. Little by little we’re getting more biodiversity in the yard.

Almost 7:00 and the heat index is 96. Welcome to early May with climate change.

Steven Brust and Skyler White have a new book out and I’m super excited. Their previous books have been quite good. amazon.com/dp/B09188GXHK

Slowly increasing the number of retries on this integration test suite to see when it starts passing.


Ate sorrel for the first time. I'm prone to trying to grow new things in the garden that I don't necessarily know we'll eat, so eating some sorrel was a win. Also it was tasty in scrambled eggs, so maybe those plants get to stay.

work subtoot 

If you're going to regularly cancel your one on one with someone, don't schedule it at all. Otherwise it's just a regular reminder that you don't have time for them.

txpol mention, mild 

Val keeps printing out bills and testimony as part of fighting some of the boneheadedness going on in the Texas legislature. She ran the printer out of toner, used up the multiple reams of paper I accumulated testing them for fountain pens, and now my office looks like a print shop with a case of printer paper and spare toner cartridges sitting around.

The madness is scheduled to continue for a couple more weeks.

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Anyone thinking developing software isn't about politics has never seen Github comments

work (+) 

Started working about an hour early today, and it's giving me a good slow ramp back into the work headspace after 3 days off.

Also, at the start of each day I go over my notes from the day before and summarize them before stand up. Today that summary is almost a half page 😂 Probably good I have that extra time.

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2 weeks ago almost, I parted ways with my current job. I have been working as some measure of programmer and sysadmin for 20+ years. I can learn anything needed, but mostly in Debian and Python is what I've worked with (I know a lot of languages tho including hard ones).

For health reasons I need something that is 20-30 hours a week and is 100% remote. I'll consider almost anything since it'd be cool to have a bit of a change of pace, so hit me up!

Thank you!

Apparently it is “learn to play guitar and sing off key” o’clock. AKA 7:00 AM.

Watching a squirrel try to defeat my raccoon excluder device to raid the bird seed bins and I’m just like... buddy, props for the ambition but it ain’t going to happen.

Today this indigo bunting showed up on the bird feeder. I've never seen one before. He's probably just stopping off for a meal on the way north, but it makes me super happy to see him while he's here.

2.5 hours left in the work day, then a 3 day weekend. Sometimes it would be great if life came with a fast forward button.

I managed to find a discount code that let me fit two fancy lights into the budget.The downside is that it's a preorder of something that's supposed to be available on 4/30.

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