hey wanderers, i'm ebeth! main account can be found at

i probably won't be around here as much, signed up to hang around the local timeline and chat about SFF when my home timeline gets overwhelming

i'm a librarian, currently just about to start reading the player of games which i've somehow never read, & i'm trying to get back into the swing of writing for fun again - doing a very slow attempt but i haven't written anything that wasn't school-related in years

@ebeth I went to camp with a girl named Ebeth! I'm sure you're a different one from her, but wouldn't it be funny if you were her?

oh wow! it's not a super common name/nickname, but it has picked up a lot in the last decade or so afaict. I only ever went to music camp, did this happen to be at blue lake in michigan?

@strontiumsun ah, so i have a minnesotan twin/nemisis somewhere

good to know

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