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Watching and feeling like we could see FTR and CM Punk as some sort of Bret Hart appreciation group thing, even if Bret signed with the other place to get paid.

Hustle/grind culture is one of the most grating parts of capitalism.

You know what? I'll always work hard, it's hardwired into my broken brain, but I'll always have time for my kids first and foremost and that'll never change.

I was listening to Pain of Salvation's "BE" today, an album that I loved when it came out in 2004.

In fact, I wrote one of my favorite college essays about it for my advanced lit theory class. It's uncanny how Musk has followed the path of the fictional Mr. Money and how... bad that is.

Now I'm finally listening to 'Panther' after never giving it a fair shake because I am a Ragnar fan and was unhappy he left.

No idea why, but I'm sorta dragging on my .

It's mostly being written for me, so sometimes I'm bad at prioritizing that kind of stuff. Instead I started writing something last night that I have no idea what to do with and I'm 7500 words into.

I... uh... help!? lol

Alright. and such.

I'm a writer, artist and musician who has written a bunch of scifi. I'm all about and inclusive stories.

My books get weird, so do I.

I live in the high desert, although I'm from the ocean. I've got twin boys that keep me busy and a wife who's a healthcare worker.

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