My original crypto stance was you cannot 'interrupt' capitalism with less regulated capitalism and expect a better result.

You literally cannot do the same thing that's not working but think because you, the laymen, are able to get in on it that you've figured out something that the people who's entire lives are about money haven't.

You just... it doesn't work like that.

Capitalism won't defeat capitalism.

@dvewlsh "But what if we try capitalism?" - Tech bros, two years from now with another crypto scam to sell

@inkican I have a friend who was 100% dead set convinced that the whole Gamestop STONKS thing was a *real* revolution and all this talk about other stuff was nonsense.

That and crypto were how everyone could stick it to the man and it's like... who do you think those 'institutional investors' that propped this shit up were?!

@dvewlsh "You didn't really think we were gonna let you go, did you?" - Sneakers, 1991

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