I'll always get a laugh out of how many authors push the narrative that Amazon is the only place people buy books. It's patently false in so many ways.

My book released today? 17% of the pre-orders were on Amazon.

The rest were from other ebook stores and 65% of them were paperback pre-orders.

So whenever tells you Amazon has 70-80% of the book market, feel free to challenge that narrative and explore for yourself.

@felix What's funny is it's still accurate years later.

They still do all of that shit. Like, for example, they're fucking with a few of my prices. An $8.99 ebook is $6.73. I've asked them to fix it multiple times.

A $4.99 ebook is $4.04.

If I didn't need money I'd cut them off completely.

@dvewlsh @felix I had a Fussy Librarian promo this week. Amazon wouldn't price match everyone else (due to technical difficulties, apparently). I still managed to get 158 downloads that day – but not from Amazon.

And I did something different in response: I told my subscribers it was free but that Amazon wouldn't play ball. I suggested they get it from Payhip instead. In one day, I had 30 downloads from Payhip (a huge number for me).

@dvewlsh @felix I'm thinking of telling my newsletter subscribers about the little ways Amazon screws indie authors over.

@clacksee @felix Kira did some tinkering with their last Fussy deal and only included a link to the book on their site.

Fussy is cool with that and they got I think 150+ people to download direct, which means you get their emails as well.

That feels like a pretty effective listbuilder lol

@dvewlsh @felix Took me a sec to realise you weren't talking about my dog. But yes, that's really cool.

@dvewlsh Whenever I discover a book I want to read that's Amazon exclusive, I ask the author if it will ever be wide. And inevitably, someone jumps in to tell me that you don't need a Kindle Unlimited subscription to buy the book.

No, you just need to buy it from Amazon. I won't do that. I used to maintain my £40 a year minimum spend to allow me to review. Then they blocked my reviewer privileges. So, no more.

@clacksee Yep, and they don't understand if you read elsewhere, buying a book via Kindle, even if they don't click on DRM, still makes it almost impossible to read elsewhere.

If I buy an ebook via Amazon and want to read it on my Kobo I need to strip out the KFX protection and convert it to an epub. This requires two different programs and I'm far more savvy at this than the average reader.

@clacksee The most depressing thing I saw is I had a very loyal reader who bought all my books via Google Play who posted on social media a few months later that his daughter got him a Kindle with a 12-mo KU sub and he was so happy because so many of the books he wanted weren't anywhere else.

Just... how crummy is that system?

@dvewlsh this is quite a few years old now, but I heard once that for RPG sourcebooks Amazon was typically about 2 large gaming stores worth of sales, but they'd depress the prices for everyone else

@Canageek Essentially because Amazon is able to undercut everyone else for sales of physical goods like books, yeah.

They sell things below cost because their business model is just to force you to invest into the Amazon ecosystem and keep coming back to them for everything.

For example, I sell an omnibus paperback for one of my series. Retails for $28.99. Right now they're selling it for $6.83. I still make full royalties on it. It's ridiculous. But they want people shopping on Amazon.

@dvewlsh this is why that game company I heard these numbers from stopped selling through Amazon, since the two bookstores worth of sales weren't worth hurting every other game store to them, since Amazon price tends to become de facto price since if game stores don't match it people just start going on Amazon

@dvewlsh Wait, how much are royalties? Is this like the situation where someone discovered Uber was selling their pizza for less then the pay they got, so started ordering their own pizza over and over again?

@Canageek Since it's a massive book that teeters on the page limit, I believe I get ~$8 per copy.

I can't lie, I bought a few when they were $4.80 and made a solid $3 on each one and have them to give away lol

@dvewlsh Why not buy like, 10000 copies and make a whole bunch then?

@Canageek They limit how many copies you can buy of individual POD titles to two.

So I had to buy in batches of two and it was more hassle than it's worth.

@Canageek At this point they've gotten it to where I'd only make about a $1.50 or so per book and they could close my KDP account if they consider it 'suspicious behavior.'

They are awful.

@JoYo Ha, love it.

I've been trying to get in better with my local bookstores here in ABQ and have even been pointing local folks there to order my books from them instead of just a website.

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