Hustle/grind culture is one of the most grating parts of capitalism.

You know what? I'll always work hard, it's hardwired into my broken brain, but I'll always have time for my kids first and foremost and that'll never change.

@dvewlsh Love this. I’ve engineered my whole business around this as a lifestyle and have yet to regret it.

@djschwin I've got twin 5yos that are pushing 6 now. I'm fortunate enough to be able to do my job from home and slow down when I need to.

I could be doing 'better' or whatever, but my kids would've suffered. I'd much rather sacrifice any perceived success to make sure they're better balanced than I ever was.

@dvewlsh Bet. Mine are 8 & 5. Once the oldest was born, I really invested in organization and honestly just the willpower to turn everything off work wise at night and on weekends. And yes I could definitely use those extra hours to work (own my own branding firm) but it just wouldn’t be worth the time trade off to me.

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