this fucking game has been all I can think about all day. my brain just fills in silence with deathcard cabin

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theres a particular line from this game that keeps bouncing around in my head like a bat in an attic

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so i didn't say anything about it when i started playing it because i didnt want anyone to talk to me about it, but i just finished inscryption

it deserves the awards it got. imho anyway. ymmv

you cannot kill me in a way that matters


gun to your head, name an iconic Tumblr quote that isn't "I like your shoelaces” or “thanks I stole them from the president!” do you survive?


I don't have the mental bandwidth rn to process the situation happening with the platform I use as my primary mode of communication

the hangover i fucking hated it


Name a movie you saw in a theatre that you walked out of.

My one and only… Cloud Atlas.


i watched 2 dmc5 meme videos and now my youtube recs are irreversibly fucked

vibing to an extremely weird playlist i made almost exactly 5 years ago while i knock the daylights out of a tempered tobi-kadachi

also in S tier is anything shaped like a dog, and also in F tier is anything shaped like a fish

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working on a mhw monster tier list here's where I'm at so far

S tier: brute tigrex
F tier: regular tigrex

thanks for reading!

"there's no one fun in the guiding lands tight now, lure out someone cool"
[brute tigrex appears in the HUD, uproarious approval]

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it's fucked up how much better brute tigrex is than regular tigrex in literally every way

me: wonder what the internet thinks of the new insect glaive I just made
random nerds: it sucks
me: right I forgot, I don't care

tweets with no target audience but myself, i guess

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recently described how it feels to play insect glaive vs a new monster to my friends with this video

more monsters with incredibly dumb looking (in a good way) moves. see:

- bazelgeuse rubbing his chin on the ground trying to squish you
- radobaan breakdancing
- zinogre doing the people's elbow
- brute tigrex screaming so hard it rains dinosaur slobber

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regular tigrex? w/e. he comes right after nargacuga and is a less interesting spin on that Shaped monster

brute tigrex? fantastic. less of the bad part of tigrex (the dumb scramblecharge), more of the good part (screaming, but so hard it can throw you)

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hey brute tigrex is probably the funniest monster in this game

kushala daora. very much a regular dragon. terrible fight.

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i think zinogre (both types) might be one of my favourite monsters in mhw. odogaron is up there too. i just like dogs

the more it is shaped like a regular dragon the less likely i seem to be to like it LOL

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