Is there anything cozier than lying in your warm bed, listening to the rain outside?

weather, drought mention, chronic illness 

Ever since the summer of 2018 when central Europe had this devastating drought and a very hot summer (which was also the summer my migraine was near chronic), I have come to like rainy weather.

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weather, drought mention, chronic illness 

@draco same here. Seeing rain ouside is calming.

weather, drought mention, chronic illness 

@juni having family in California makes it even more acute for me... they're close to the sea, so they don't get it as bad as the Central Valley, but still, I sometimes worry about them during Fire Season.

weather, drought mention, chronic illness 

@juni @draco As long as I don't have to go out in pouring rain, I appreciate it here too. And I appreciate that it's not so extra hot here right now. At the same time, seeing what's happening elsewhere is so hard

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